The Taste Of Blood .......

Nineteen sixty nine.......

   " Wait here for me just in case " , I looked at my friend John and he licked his lips and opened the car door., I wondered why he said that for a minute and then it came to me . John was a friend in high school , during the sixties and early seventies times were so different in family life , we were living in a society that was in some kind of flux , so many people since then have all but polished those times into a golden finish , as if they want to romanticized the experiences then . Me.... I'm not so sure they are worthy of romanticizing.
    John , haden't been "home " for a couple of days , and we had run into each other downtown that evening and he asked me for a ride home. I don't know where he had been but I knew he wasn't doing so well with his life , he had been adopted as an infant and been raised by a couple who were childless except for him and an adopted sister. His adopted parents were teachers at a local private high school .
   He had also fallen pretty heavily into the drug scene so new in our lives , I knew by this time he was into smoking pot and doing 'speed ', LSD and a few other chemicals. John and I had become pretty good friends and somehow I had managed to avoid the heavier drugs that so many were into at the time. The extent of my experience was in pot and beer drinking only , it was by pure luck that I wasn't into the same scene as John was.
    As John approached the door of the house , knocked and waited I wondered what would I do if they wouldn't let him in. In a few moments the outside lights came on and the door opened , Johns adopted father stood before him glaring at him. I tried to listen to get an Idea of what was being said as thier voices rose . The body language of John and his father told me though, this wasn't going to turn out well.
   John stood on the porch and his father stood in front of him not letting him in , the voices rose as the the atmosphere increased further into an argument. , Johns mother also joined into the conversation . It was then that I saw Johns father backhand him across the face , as John staggered towards the railing his mother screamed and grabbed her husband by the arm and just when I thought this was really going to get ugly  Johns sister , a couple of years older than us came out of the door in her night gown  and took him by the arm and led him into the house .
      His parents still arguing  followed them into the house and  as his father turned to close the door   I reached down and turned the keys and backed out of the drive and drove away.   The next day in school  as we met in a shared class of  english  , I noticed the swollen  lips and face as John came in   and sat down next to me . 
      Now ,  as I close the yearbook and stare  at the list of high school alumni  I received the other day  ,  flowing down through the names and placing a face to each name  I come to one name a little more recognizeable  than some others  , on the list  and in the descriptions of  whos , who  and what they are doing now ?    John  M........., ............Deceased.....
     Forty years later and still I can see Johns  face and hear his laugh  as he tells me .....
    "Hold this belt will you!"  
    " If you won't shoot up with me at least help me ".............
      I ,  could never let myself do any hard drugs  although I watched as many lives  were wasted  away during a time  of turmoil in America ,  So go ahead .....any of you who will , glorify the sixties , the seventies  and  even today if you want to  ,,  for me they were just a dark period in the history of  America.

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thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland

What a terribly sad tale, and all the more so for the way you remembered your friends life. Tragic. Drugs are the most unsociable substances of all, they destroy families, all relationships, even friendship. But, they are all caused by one thing, a misunderstanding of life. A greater dependency than any one person can offer. I believe it is a sad fact of human life that we are all basically selfish, we live our lives how we want to live, and so often ignore what is facing us. Vulnerability.

Thank you for sharing what must of been a horrendous time in your life. x

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

I'm so sorry for your friend John. He seemed like a confused young man--we all were, back then. You captured those times, took me back. It wasn't a great place to go back to, you're right.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

TheBlueStar, thank you for reading , John and I were friends until I had to make a choice to walk away from a lifestyle ,I wish I could have taken John away from that too but couldn't , thank you again.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Paradise, Thank you , We lived , we were lucky or we made the right choices , somehow! I'm glad you're here!

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