The Thing in the Corner (Part Five)

Sam watched, terrified, as the creature howled and roared, its tulip mouth raised upwards like some demonic trumpet, the lips, if you could call them lips, fluttering as the impossibly loud braying emanated from inside its throat. It then lowered its rugby-ball shaped head, and appeared to look right at Sam, but that was not right, Sam thought, since the Thing did not appear to have eyeballs of any kind. The long flickering tongue shot out, several feet in front of the animal’s mouth, like the tail of a whip, testing the air.

It let out another piercing howl, then started coming straight at him.

Sam had no idea what to do as the creature bore down on him, shuffling slowly through some slimy muck that he dragged with him as he approached. The creature was slow, but that somehow made it worse. It appeared to be injured somehow, not able to walk well.

Sam had his back against the wall, but he used his good leg to push himself backward, trying to put as much distance between himself and the creature as he could. He heard some distant chatter, and he realized that he was holding the phone and that whoever had called him was on the other line.

Wrong Number

“Hello! Oh, thank God, thank God! Please, you’ve got to help me, please! Hello, hello? Is there anyone there?” shouted Sam.

A pause.

“Is Arnie around?” replied the person on the other side, presumably some friend of Arnie, whoever that was.

“You’ve got the wrong number! But wait, don’t hang up!” too late, the caller had naturally discontinued the call. “dammitall, damn, damn, damn!” cursed Sam, still shuffling back against the wall in great pain.

He was well aware that he was losing blood because he felt light-headed, but he also knew he had to keep going.

The Thing had fallen silent suddenly, but kept inching forward, feeling the air in front of it carefully with its serpent-like tongue. Conversely, for some reasons it kept its arms down around its waist, not in front of it. This caused it to look lop-sided, its head incongruously tilted to the front, a hunched spine crowning its back.

A particularly bright ray of light shone down and Sam could see that the whole of its football head was translucent and when the particles of light shone through it, actually quite a beautiful shade of emerald.

Sam backed up as far as he could, behind the Dr.’s desk. The Thing kept inching forward, Sam pressed his head back as far as he could. He felt faint, thirsty, and sick to his stomach. The shattered leg should hurt much more, he thought briefly, though he was glad it did not, he was also worried about what that meant. He knew he had lost a lot of blood. Would he lose his leg? That’s a funny one he thought, since that was the first thing the monster would probably take off his body.

The creature was just a few feet away now. It got closer and closer then stopped short. Sam could see it was straining against the chain, trying to get closer. It was inches from Sam’s exposed bloody leg. Sam was frightened out of his mind. He realized he had pissed his pants at some point, and stifled a crazy laugh.

The creature opened its tulip mouth and the snake tongue came out, longer and longer. It touched his leg and wound its way around it, circling it. Impossibly, it began to constrict around Sam’s leg, then, even crazier, it began to suck, pulling Sam’s leg in towards its mouth.

Sam screamed a hoarse, exhausted, shrill scream.

Suddenly Sam’s phone rang again. He scrambled for it and flipped it open. “Mom? Thank God, Mom. Oh, thank God it’s you. Mom, listen to me. Mom, no, no, mom, please listen to me. No mom, I’m not cold, I have a coat on, but please, please listen to me for a minute. No, no, please. MOM, SHUT UP! No, no, don’t hang up on me! Ahhh, shit!” he groaned, thinking for a second of flinging his phone at the creature.

He grabbed the corner of the desk, holding on tight. His shattered leg was numb, but he could feel the tension in it, like when the dentist pulls teeth from your anesthetized gums.

A syringe fell from the desk and landed next to him. Sam released the desk leg and grabbed the hypodermic. Without thinking he reached for the monster and plunged the needle deep into the creature’s shoulder. The Thing released his tongue grip on Sam’s leg, raised his tulip mouth and howled with the volume of a freight train. Moments later, it slumped to the floor, unconscious.

Sam fainted.

to be continued

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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

Poor Sam....goofy mom! :)

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Parents just don't understand! Way to go Sam!

bludstream profile image

bludstream 7 years ago Author

Sort of like my mom. They don't listen to you when they have an agenda.

ralwus 7 years ago

Now that was exciting. Poor blind stupid toadie.

bludstream profile image

bludstream 7 years ago Author

I also think the Thing itself is a pathetic creature. Shades of Frankenstein all around this one, but in future sequels I hope to delve more into the hospital life of the doc.

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