The Thing in the Corner (Part Three)

Sam started laughing, softly at first, coughing and sputtering, then harder. “Stop it, stop it, please, don’t make me laugh. Not human? Oh my God that’s hilarious!”

“Morphine will make you giggly sometimes, like a little girl,” commented the doc, “you don’t seem to get it, but I don’t blame you Samuel, I get the same way sometimes. When somebody says “not human” and the proof is laying a few feet away, well, that can be somewhat disorienting I agree. Laughter is one way that the mind copes with disbelief and the shock of the unreal, or in this case, the surreal.”

“What is it? It looks kind of…like some kind of lizard, I can’t see too well from here though,” Sam squinted, trying to pierce the deep shadows. A sharp pain rising from his shattered leg almost caused him to scream. Instead he bit down on a corner of his own hand, tears streaming down his face as he fought the spasm.

“I…I need to get to a hospital. Please, you’re a doctor, you can’t just leave me here like this. Look, I promise, I promise I won’t tell anyone. Seriously, Dr. Fraccin, nobody can keep a secret like me. I..I don’t even have any friends really. Just my mom and I don’t usually talk to her much. But please, you have to help me. I can’t take it much longer. Please.”

“Shhhh. Hush now, Mr. Hayes. Don’t worry, it will all be over before you know it. Now let me see…where did I put that scalpel. I’m getting so forgetful lately.” Dr. Fraccin rummaged around on the cluttered tabletop desk, careful not to make too much noise.

A book fell off the corner onto the floor with a loud crash.

An audible grunt made them both swivel their heads at one time. The Thing in the corner shifted its weight, grunted again, then went on snoring.

“Whew. That was way too close. See what you make me do, Sam? Huh? I know you don’t want to wake up our slimy friend now aren’t I right? Hmmm?” questioned Dr. Fraccin. Sam just shook his head, frightened out of his mind.

The doctor kept poking around his desktop when suddenly they both heard a distant thumping coming from somewhere up above them. The doctor looked up, cocking his ear to listen. He set down what he was holding and went up the stairs. He looked back four steps up, “Now stay quiet and don’t move around too much. I’ll be right back.”

The doctor disappeared into the darkness up the steps. Sam could hear a door opening and closing.

Sam yanked the cell phone out of his pocket and put it up to his ear. “Hello? Hello?” He looked down and saw that the phone was off, the battery obviously exhausted. “Shit! Shit!” he muttered, realizing the charger was in his briefcase.

Sam scanned the floor and saw his briefcase lying a few feet away, closer to the monster or whatever the hell that thing was. He tried to drag himself over the chilly, wet concrete. Each movement brought fresh streaks of agony from his fractured leg and caved-in ribs.

He bit his lip trying not scream. Slowly he edged his way closer and closer, knowing that he was running out of time.

From upstairs he could hear footsteps going back and forth. Maybe the cops had traced the call. Maybe they had come, he thought, maybe they’re upstairs right now questioning Dr. Fraccin. Maybe the fucking tooth fairy would fly in right now and grant him three fucking wishes. He had to get to that phone.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes, Sam reached the briefcase, only inches away from the sleeping creature. Sam held his breath and picked up the case, which made some noise as some coins jingled within. Hearing a grunt, Sam looked up at the Thing. It was shifting positions again, and Sam held his breath. It settled once again into a sleeping position.

The Creature Up Close

A cloud parted and the sunbeam became suddenly stronger, shining its light directly on the beast. Sam could see that it was humanoid in form with two arms and two legs, a head where a head should be, and a trunk, but that is where the resemblance ended. The skin was shiny and scaly, and now that he could see it he realized that it did not really look so much reptilian as amphibian, wet, smooth and a sickly mottled gray-green.

The head was like a football placed horizontally, with one side ending in what looked like a mouth shaped like a tulip, half open, a long, slippery tongue lolling off the edge. It did not seem to have any discernible eyes, but two curled knobs which could conceivably be ears, Sam thought, horrified. What the hell is this thing? Some sort of mutation? An experiment gone awry? He shook off these thoughts. He had to get out of here.

Fighting fatigue and the resurgent pain as the drugs wore off, Sam picked his way back towards one wall. He pulled the charger out of the side pocket of his briefcase and plugged it into the socket.

The door at the top of the staircase opened and closed, then Dr. Fraccin’s heavy footsteps could be heard clomping down the steps.

“Just the postman, what a nuisance. Now where were we? What the---“ the doctor stopped on the third step from the bottom, watching Sam plugging in the phone. “Don’t do that! Listen to me! Stop!” Dr. Fraccin waved his arms blindly.

“Sorry to be the uncooperative victim, Doc, but go fuck yourself.” Sam gave him the finger, then punched the cell’s red ON button.

Suddenly the “Highway to Hell” ringtone blared loudly in the small space. Sam fumbled to stop it but could not find the green TALK button with his sweat streaked fingers. “Hello? Hello? SFPD? Thank God! Thank God!”

A blood-curdling, impossibly loud roar forced Sam to stop short, and his eyes bulged out from his skull. He turned over and saw that the creature had awoken, climbed to his feet, and was walking toward him.

Sam screamed.

to be continued

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ralwus 7 years ago

Well now what a pickle he is in now. Our dear Sam is about to be frog food. Frog from hell!

bludstream profile image

bludstream 7 years ago Author

Stay tuned, all may not be as it seems....

ralwus 7 years ago

Oh no? Well, we will wait and see then. ooo Halloween stories. thanks blud for a great time. Why waste yer time here?

bludstream profile image

bludstream 7 years ago Author

Who knows maybe I will be discovered? I got lots of stories. Anyway, you know I am just making it up as I go along. If I write enough of these, maybe it will add up to something.

ralwus 7 years ago

You write like I do then. Good luck then.

tksensei profile image

tksensei 7 years ago

An engaging tale so far. Keep on!

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

Cool! :)

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Ralwus' comments help lighten this scary-ass story :D I'm still into it...

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