The Thing in the Corner (Part Two)

Sam stared open-mouthed at the creature swathed in shadows. Its reptilian skin flashed highlights from the murky sunbeam emanating from the partially duct taped window twelve feet up the wall.

"What the hell is that...that thing?" stammered Sam Hayes. The warning bells about answering Craigslist ads ringing loudly in his head now. Fighting back the searing pain from his shattered ribs, he tried backing away, sliding in the fetid pool beneath him, which he now realized was sticky and black. Blood. For some reason he hoped it was his own blood.

"Don't do that please. You'll only hurt yourself worse." calmly advised Dr. Fraccin.

"What do you want with me? What...what is that...that over there? Why am I here?" blurted Sam, keeping his voice to a harsh whisper. He did not want to wake the Thing in the corner, whatever it was.

"Why, what, when, where. So many questions. Calm down Mr. Hayes and I will be more than happy to answer your inquiries. But don't try to move. You may not have noticed, but you have a severe compound fracture of your left leg."

Sam willed himself to look down, feeling queasy and anguished. The bone, glistening white and flecked with blood, protruded straight through his formerly clean beige Dockers. He was about to scream when Dr. Fraccim clamped a strong hand around his mouth. Sam choked and sputtered but stifled the scream.

"Nuh, uh, uh. That would not have been very wise Mr. Hayes. Not very wise at all." chided the doctor. "Here, let me give you a little something for the pain. I wouldn't want you suing me for malpractice."

Fraccim held up a large needle, and flicked it with one gaunt finger while studying the dripping tip, which he proceeded to jab into Sam's shoulder. Sam grunted in pain, but soon he felt himself slipping, the pain receding to a dull throb. He looked up at Dr. Fraccin, an enquiring look in his eyes.

"Yes, you do deserve, at the very least, a semblance of an answer don't you? Well, by now you may have guessed that I am not currently hiring for the position you read about online. On the other hand, I couldn't very well advertise for someone to lure into the basement now could I?" the doctor chuckled at his own joke. "How are we feeling now? Pain is better, no?"

"Hunky dorry, doc. Just peachy." slurred Sam, just noticing now for the first time that the nutty professor had some sort of Middle Eastern accent. Pakistani maybe. No, sounded more Iranian to him, like the exchange students at the Academy of Art where he studied painting.

Dr. Fraccin lowered himself into a wooden folding chair he pulled out of the corner. He took a folder from a rusty old file cabinet and looked through it. "Hmmm, very interesting. Samuel Jebediah Hayes Millican. Art student. Computer geek. Unemployed. 35 and still living at home." the doctor checked off the facts, a non-judgemental tone in his voice. "Two cats, one hamster, and a pet Burmese python. Non-smoker if you don't count marijuana, and since this is San Francisco we of course, don't. Registered closet...Republican. Really? I would not have guessed that. Must give you hell at that school with all the artsy fartsy types running around."

Sam fished quietly in his pockets for his cell phone. He found it, thankfully, in the pocket furthest away from the doctor's line of sight. Not taking his eyes off the doc, Hayes flipped it open and punched 911 without looking. He couldn't talk on it but he heard someone answer it, muffled by his pants pocket. He looked up at the doctor, but he seemed oblivious. If he had heard the phone, he did not comment on it.

Sam hoped that the 911 operator would continue to listen in and not hang up. He had read somewhere that that was what they were supposed to do when there was no one on the other line.

"Dr. Fraccin, if that is your real name, why did you bring me here? Why didn't you just kill me upstairs while you had the chance. Are you going to tie me up and leave me chained to the wall like that poor bastard over there?" Sam stalled for time.

"Again, all the questions." sighed Fraccin, "alright. Alright. Look, I don't want this" he gestured towards the far corner, sending a shiver of remembered fright down Sam's drugged body. "You think I want this? I'm a doctor, Mr. Hayes. A doctor. I have a residency at California Pacific Medical Center. You know where that is, Mr. Hayes."

"Yes, not too far from here. Buchanan Street right?" Sam wanted to keep Fraccin talking, hoping against hope that the cops were now listening to this.

"Do you think I want to deliberately hurt people? You have the wrong idea, Mr. Hayes. The wrong idea indeed. I only want to save people. Help people."

"You mean, like you helped that...that pathetic man over there in the corner you got chained up?" suggested Sam. "Is that what you're going to do to me? Huh? Chain me up? Did you lure him here with a Craigslist Ad also? Is that your thing?" he goaded the doctor, all the while hoping it was not some sexual abuse thing instead.

"Oh, you have it all wrong, Mr. Hayes. All wrong. That man or THING, as you call it, is not what you, I, or for that matter anybody else would call human. I'm not totally sure what to call it but human...defiitely not. And to satisfy your curiosity Mr. Hayes, I can also definitely tell you right now that you will definitely NOT be chained up. No need really, as you can see and feel, your injuries are not going to let you get very far, much less up that long flight of stairs."

to be continued

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ralwus 7 years ago

Well blud, you've certainly got me in chills. Don't know what to expect now. But I do like it. Evil Scientists always are a hit, and this one is too I believe. Thanks, don't know if I can sleep now. LOL

bludstream profile image

bludstream 7 years ago Author

Dr. Evil maybe, more like Dr. Demento hahahaha (evil laugh)...

ralwus 7 years ago

Whatever, he's a scary feller. Someone needs to stick it to him.

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

Got to be an ex wife chained up? :)

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Or a girl scout that knocked on the wrong door??? Can't wait, going to part 3 right now.

bludstream profile image

bludstream 7 years ago Author

This is just the beginning I believe, of a long running battle between Sam Hayes and Dr. Fraccin. I am going to expand on this some more in the coming days. More monsters, more twists, more freaky stuff. I also have a screenplay that I wrote a while back, "The Resonance" that I will have to serialize here in novel form, or maybe keep the script format. Something new for hubpages probably.

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