The Thinking Throne

As I sit here on my throne
I think about the condition of my home.
A good cleaning is what it needs
but it is too hot for that dirty deed.
I piddle with this and that
then take a break to pet my cat.

Again I sit on my thinking throne
wishing I wasn’t so alone.
My home is really small
but I am not here for the long haul.
It’s not meant to be a home at all
but it gave me a place to fall.

My thinking throne has come to be
the place where I am allowed to be me.
I sit here and type all the things that I write.
You can find me here during the middle of the night.
As I sit here and ponder
and let my mind wonder.

Daydreaming on my thinking throne
of a place I can call my own.
It will not be easy to find
a place that I can call all mine.
Happiness within sight
fills me with delight!

Sitting on my thinking throne,
chatting with a friend on the phone.
Fantasies abound in my mind
As I sit here on my behind.
My thoughts turn a little steamy,
as I think of someone I find dreamy.

I about fall off my thinking throne
and I drop my phone!
The thought of someone in my bed
sends blood rushing to my head.
I turn a bright shade of pink
as my brain continues to think.

It is time to get off my thinking throne
and get some housework done.
And yet I keep my seat
with a cat sleeping at my feet.
Across the keyboard my fingers fly
as I let out a happy sigh.

Do you have a thinking throne
at your work or in your home?
A place of honor for your behind
while you ponder whatever is on your mind?
Did this poem make you stop and think?
Now time to tackle the kitchen sink . . .

Do you have a special place you go to relax? A place where you can think without being interrupted?

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Do you prefer a quiet place to think or somewhere with lots of background noise?

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Meisjunk profile image

Meisjunk 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

LOL love this! ^_^ That chair looks like the kind of throne I'd sit on ALL day!

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