The Tragedy Of Youth

The Tragedy Of Youth

Story starts in a quiet town ,

Small town boy ,

Big time frown .

He never talked ,

He never prayed ,

He never played ,

He never laughed ,

He never smiled ,

Walked alone for miles and miles and miles.

People always said something wrong ,

Didn't hesitate to tag him frown ,

They believed that he had a different path ,

That's why he lost his way .

Yes I heard them say ,

That he has lost his way .

And when they called him frown ,

He pulled a gun from his pocket ,

And they all fell down and down and down .....

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Riddhi Hathiwala 6 years ago

good use of words like frown & tag...

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shygirl2 6 years ago

Sad, vishal.rossi. Thanks for sharing it with us. He is what they call 'going postal'. He let his hurts build up inside and never vented, so he had what they would call a 'volcano effect'. I believe if he had maybe written it all down, it may have prevented it. Good poetry.

Irell VL profile image

Irell VL 5 years ago

I love your word choice here. Great poem, voted up.

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