The Trophy Widow

The Trophy Widow

The once young trophy wife
Was less of a Trophy,
And not much of a wife.

She’s still a person that’s good...
Maybe lost her way a bit,
But her intentions are good.

Her husband loves her all the while
Getting older and feeble,
He may not be around in a while.

Her dreams that she owned,
Were popularity and fame
And to make it on her own.

One night, a luau she would hold,
With neighbors and socialites invited,
They’ll see her, and how she holds.

A friend volunteered and spent the day
Cleaning, preparing, cooking, serving...
She couldn’t move the entire day.

She sat in the kitchen, mostly alone,
And never met anyone that came.
She smiled at her friend, but she felt alone.

From the cracks of the door,
She looked and she watched.
Frozen, she hid behind the door.

Her eyes peered, bright and white,
And she sweated with anxiety,
With her knuckles tight and white.

When the party was finally over,
Her friend was thanked by the guests.
She pushed him away, he nearly fell over.

“Where’s the gratitude?” he wondered.
It died with her husband.
“Why do I have this attitude?” she wondered.

The friendly chef moved on for the better.
The sad, young, trophy widow
Wished she acted better.

She used to be nice, used to read,
Like The Great Gatsby and The Catcher
In the Rye. She wanted again, to read.

She realized, it wasn’t fame she was after,
Nor the fortune of money she had,
But to live a lost life that was happily ever after.

Instead, away she pushed
Her past, present and future.
She must carve a new way.


This one is supposed to be a somewhat humorous or satirical look at a widowed gold digger who thought she had it all together. There are some influences by F. Scott Fitzgerald, as well as the blatant mention of it; and, it's partially based on a recent true story that I heard at work. It isn't meant to be taken too seriously as it was my attempt at comedy in poetry, so please, have fun with it! Thanks!

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lonely star profile image

lonely star 6 years ago from Indiana

i like this but i dont really understand it

jdflom profile image

jdflom 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA Author

Thanks! I'll try to explain a bit more: It's really just silly nonsense about an aging trophy wife/widow who tries and fails to be her own person, not living on her undeserved inheritance. In the end, she realizes she needs a different approach.

DStettler profile image

DStettler 6 years ago

I quite liked that, especially the same rhyming word until the end. hee hee that was good.

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