The Twlight Series----My New Obsession

My New Obsession

So, I recently began reading the Twilight series of books written by Stephenie Meyer and I must say they are my new obsession. I came across these books by mistake but am so glad I found them. A friend of mine had told me about them and said that I must read them, but being a stay at home mom with little free time on my hands I knew it would be hard to find some time to read, especially read and enjoy a book. So I forgot about the books. Then as I was lurking on myspace I found that many pages had a certain You-Tube video and I became curious. I watched the video, after seeing it on several pages, and found that the first book-Twilight- was being turned into a movie, due out this December. I love movies so I thought I must read this book now. So I ordered it online for about 13 dollars, later finding out it is only 8 dollars at Walmart, and didn't get it for about a week. When the book arrived, I set it aside and did not begin it until the next morning. I must say, when I started this book, I did not put it down until I HAD to go to the bathroom, eat or feed a child. No laundry, household chores, cooking was done until I finished that book. Which was only 2 days because I read it so fast!

It was spell-bounding. It cast its spell on me and I could not let it go. I immediately bought the next two books---New Moon and Eclipse--and read them in two days each as well. I was captivated by the characters and their decisions. I couldn't think of real life, thinking of only what these characters meant and what would happen next. I dreamed of them, lived my life in a haze for a while until I came out of the fog.

For those of you who don't know the book Twilight, is about a young girl, Bella Swan, who goes to live with her father, in a small town called Forks, in Washington State. Bella does not want to be there and assumes the worst, but she soon becomes intrigued by the Cullen Family, who has secrets that no one knows. This is truly a thrilling book and I cannot wait until the movie comes out. I did find out however that the books are for teenagers, which I could not tell in the writing, I am twenty seven and have been married for 9 years but this book really got my blood boiling and made me remember how much I loved my hubby when he was just a boy. That stirring feeling of anticipation and it felt wonderful!

So check this book out if you haven't already! I definitely recommend it!

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Kellie 8 years ago

Don't remember if I was the one that told you about these or not, but they're FABULOUS!! Breaking Dawn comes out August 2nd! Check out her website at She's got excerpts from the books and also a bood called Midnight Sun (i think thats right) that is Twilight from Edwards perspective. She recently release her first Adult novel called The Host. I'm about halfway thru it and its very, very good.

sadonna23 profile image

sadonna23 8 years ago from Alabama Author

i read the first chapter of midnight sun on her site and loved it!

ArgouenVampire 8 years ago

i reade the twilight.Its so good.i love it.i read it in 1 day dident want finish never.i am wating come the next book new moon here in Greece we are going litle slow hahahahahahaha.And ofcourse i am wating the movie. but this book is one of the best vampire books i ever read

stacyjwx profile image

stacyjwx 8 years ago from MA

I'm so sad the series is over. It was an incredible series!

Twilight Fan 8 years ago

Loved it!

Even created a fan site. Visit if you like it

Can't wait for the movie!

Jessie 8 years ago

I love the book! i adore vampires, i would have read it in one day but my cousin was hogging the book. I've also read New Moon and she read all four books. Twilght, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I cant wait till my mom buys the movie cause my cousin already seen it and said that the book was better than the movie.

tltfaas profile image

tltfaas 7 years ago from Southern Cailfornia

I'm obsessed too... after seeing the movie I had to get the books and I can't wait for the movie sequels. I created a fan site myself at

Twilight Store 6 years ago

I wish there were more books in the series!! Can't wait for eclipse in theaters! Soooooo gooooood!!!! I too made a fansite

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