The Two Faces

Ask your heart anything and you will see the two faces…

Of the answer, churned out of myths and imagination,

Bias and fragmentation,

Memories and illusions,

Indulged in prevailing concepts, in the face of reality,


What’s good, what evil…

Both undefined

Without the other…


What is peace what war…

When one follows the other…


Who is happy n who is not..

And you will know..

How the moments of sad endeavors,

Open your eyes to Happiness..

Try to know what is beautiful what is not…

And you will know that depends on your naked perception…

Of how dare you say something not-beautiful,

Till you’ve known the beauty that pleases you..

Try to know what is true n what isn’t…

N u will have to take road passing through the forest of underlying lies…

But nature’s ways as the saints say…are strange inthemselves..

Enough to puzzle you me and all…

So who I m to explain ‘em…

While everybody keeps mum..

No decree is permanent…

Nothing does exist forever

So are the two faces…..!!

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:p 5 years ago


Ishika 5 years ago

It is really a nice 1:)

MysticPrince profile image

MysticPrince 4 years ago from The Source Code Author

Thank u :p ..thnx Ishika..

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