The Ulsterman Report

The Background to the Hoax

Complaints about the quality of items published on a particular site began in an unmoderated forum.

It moved to 'proving' how ridiculous the 'Hot Content' list was by voting up items of questionable value.

Once an item is featured on 'Hot Content' it becomes a self perpetuating hit catcher.

Newbies, unaware that "Hot Content' is not the best, simply what was placed there by tricksters, will click . Their clicks push the item higher on the list, and soon it is on Google, and thousands of clicks are rolling in.


What the group in the forum had sought to do was embarrass the site. Have someone step in and moderate, Have Hot Content be not the crud they were elevating, but have it be the best that was published in the past 24 hours, or the best there was.

Since the site did nothing, they decided to publish a complete hoax. Something that was totally untrue they would vote up until their fingers bled and in this way, maybe, the site would notice it was a Content Farm, and that steps would be taken.

This was not what happened.

Whitehouse Insider

The group was aware that Hate is more powerful than any other impetus. People will walk barefoot two miles in the snow to attack someone they hate. Hence they chose Barack Obama.

They had appreciated that Americans seemed astounded that they had put a Black Man in the White House, and would do anything, no matter how badly it impacted on the American people or government to hurt him.

The group decided to pretend to be 'White House Insiders' privy to all sorts of 'secrets'; but to tip their hand, to prove that it was a hoax. They used the term "Ulsterman". They assumed that persons with fully operational brains would grasp the fact that an Ulsterman is someone who lives in Northern Ireland, not someone who works in Washington D.C.

They misjudged the stupidity of the average Netizen.

The Ulsterman Reports

Although the first article was the recipient of the usual false voting, and Facebook hysteria, it took off on its own.

People clicked on the item because they wanted to read bad things about Barack Obama. Some noted the information was published on a second rate blog which published everything so were aware the information was not credible.

But most didn't care.

Reading anything negative about Obama had them Stumbling, Digging, Redditing, posting on their own blogs, emailing it to their contacts and rereading it again.

Subsequent articles were snatched up by Tea Party types which treated the crud as true. Millions of hits were being racked up, the items becoming so virulent that even 'credible ' sources like the New York Post was referring to statements fabricated in a cottage in Ulster as if they were 'leaked' by a 'mole' working for Obama.

The Post finally traced the 'original' information to the second rate blog.

The Next Step

With millions of hits and the obvious monetary benefit, the Ulsterman group decided to create its own blog; interestingly, the publishing site itself gave them their very own website.

Clearly, the publishing site had no problem with crap.

It wasn't upset that it was being used to host all manner of garbage, it was enthusiastic. The group had misjudged the situation. The Site wasn't 'inadvertently' being used as a garbage truck, it was a garbage truck.

It was not a writing site. It made money via ads, the 'wall paper', was the prose which separated the ads.

That the Ulsterman Reports were fabricatons, that it was a hoax designed to tap into the seething hatred many had for Obama, was a plus for the site.


What had begun as an attack on the quality of a publishing site turned into a money spinner. What was done to 'force' the site to improve its quality became the centrepiece of its lack of quality. And far from being punished, those who wrote the Ulsterman Report were given their very own subsite where they could post fallacy after lie to their pocket's content.

Bad deeds never go unrewarded.

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MurciélagoHeart profile image

Murci√©lagoHeart 5 years ago from San Francisco

I don't like him either.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 5 years ago Author

It is not a matter of like. If you look at the badly written, clearly invented crap that is the 'Ulsterman Report' one has to wonder how stupid people are to believe that it is a 'Whitehouse Insider'. And they are making a lot of $$$$

Rachel Maddow 5 years ago

To deduce that by calling himself 'Ulsterman' this Patriot is living in Northern Ireland is a great example of Libs going of half-cocked. As per usual. A plain read of articles, btw, of Ulstermans' interviews with the person He as come to name the "Washington Insider"... HelLO, IDIOT, THEY'RE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. And, reading the ones that describe that first transition meeting with W.I. and other secondary staffers, or the rehearsals for that "spontaneous" breaking into Al Green lyrics, are OBVIOUSLY TRUE. How stupid or deluded ARE you!?

qeyler profile image

qeyler 5 years ago Author

Dearest Rachel; 1) I was ON TRIOND when the scam was created. So I know it's a Scam.

2) There are no interviews; it is all made up.

3) I am so sorry to shove a little daylight into your sad racist little world, dear Rachel, but it is pure satire. It is published on Stanza which publishes Triond.

BTW; I'm sorry there's no Santa Claus either...

LooseCannon 4 years ago

If it's not a real insider, it is definitely information that is spot on and relevant. Funny how many of the insiders predictions and connecting of dots have proven to be true. Obama is dangerous and not because he is black. Was Bush dangerous because he was white? No, Bush was just dangerous because he was an idiot. Obama is the only modern president whose past wasn't known fully known by the electorate. He hides too many things.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

I suppose, if I didn't know the history of the "Whitehouse Insider' and was anti-Obama, I'd believe what was posted came from some 'inside' source and not the fertile imaginations of Triond users.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

One of the most interesting things about Hoaxes, and this is in general, the person who starts it will, after it takes a life of it's own be unable to stop it. So even if someone stood up and said; "I wrote that, I made it up, it's not true," no one will believe them.

Qeylerkiller 4 years ago

You obviously haven't read the insider reports. Just a week ago the white house insider tipped that Biden would cancel his Tampa trip. Guess what happened numbnuts

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

The above comment is a perfect example of the kind of pin brains who actually believe that the Reports have some relation to reality.

HonestJohn 4 years ago

I was searching for information on but you (qeyler) present no facts that deny the existence of these so-called "insiders." Your statements about Triond are unjustified. As I have researched, the reason ulsterman got off Triond was because there were too many copycats posting as him. So your 'scam' theory doesn't hold the colloquial water.

I want you to find some proof (compare the speaking styles of the different insiders to confirm if it is the same schmo, find contradictions in claims, or etc.). Do some real homework before firing off half-cocked about your assumptions. Albeit, these other commentators on here don't advance ulsterman's cause much.

I hope I am wrong in my anticipation that you will fire off some message to the effect that you have no time to waste or the task of researching ulsterman's posts is beneath you. If that's the case, you will have confirmed my assumptions about the apparent lowbrow discourse in this blog. Might I suggest stop inventing with the mouth what the eyes don't see?

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

Firstly, The Ulsterman Report is published by Stanza, which own Triond. Those involved were going to form their own blog, but Triond gave them space. This can be easily verified.

The Ulsterman Report is a group of writers. Not one writer. They work together.

I am making no assumptions. I know these people. I was on Triond. I was in the Forum. I know where it came from, how it developed.

I've always wondered how hoaxes took on a life of their own, and now I know. I see how you respond with such fervent certainty and so much want it to be true that nothing anyone can tell you will change your opinion.

In a perverse way, as one of the people who bemoaned the lack of quality of Triond, as one of the people who stood shoulder to shoulder with the group which forms the 'Report' I adore the fact that so many people believe it. It proves the point I made a few years ago;

People hate Barack Obama so much they will believe any negative thing written about him. No matter how far fetched, how questionable, they will believe it.

Some people actually disagreed with me, they were sure that no one could believe what the Ulsterman collective wrote. They are proven wrong. People do believe it. I don't mind my friends making money off the 'Whitehouse Insider'. In a very real way, I'm sorry I didn't join them. I didn't realise they would be so fantastically successful.

HonestJohn 4 years ago

My dear qeyler, you are reading far too much in my words if you think that I want ulsterman to be verified. Quite the contrary! I do not think ulsterman is true or false... at this point. I am merely searching for answers- answers that are sorely lacking through google searches, your little blog ,and the like. I desire these answers because I find ulsterman can only be either diabolically conspiratorial in his/their wordsmithing or simply conveying actual real information. Either is possible and I want to find out.

If you say ulsterman is a group of writers, then please, by all means, prove it. Name names, provide verifiable links! Proof, in the name of God, proof!!! If you say this is a con to gain money then show me how this is possible. My research shows the website traffics about 100k per month- certainly not enough to feed a family of writers!

But as a little advice to you, do not think the casual reader does not readily observe that every one of your retorts reverts into your little theory about how some people 'hate Obama sooooooo much they will believe anything.' I have been- to this point- very civil and open-minded. But it is becoming increasingly apparent that perhaps it is some people (ahem!) that love Obama sooooooo much that they will NOT believe anything.

And it is thus that I toss the ball to your court. For the final time, I courteously ask: please provide me with links, names, or even usernames that I can hunt down to verify the authenticy of ulsterman.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

The joke of this whole 'Ulsterman' drama is that people like you so dearly want to believe it. The Ulsterman Report gets far more than 100k a month, or did. It started with a few MILLION hits. If it has fallen so pitifully to only 100k that means, alas, the majority of readers have realised it is a hoax.

I do not live/vote in America. Neither does the head writer of Ulsterman Report.

For people like us it's all 'theatre' for you it's life and death.

HonestJohn 4 years ago

I have given you two chances to show that you had some sort of proof for your accusations. Alas, I fear it was two chances too many as you seem to be as fruitless in producing evidence as you have been in intellect.

Most disappointing of all is your apparent lack of humility to say this obsession of yours is simply a theory without any truly 'hard' evidence. No matter, I just saved you that trouble. has oscillated between 110k to 250k hits per month since its beginning in Sept. 2011. The only proof your 'millions of hits' comment gives me is the proof you are a poor liar. You say you were on Triond as though that gives you some authority to speak about ulsterman. I was on Facebook so I assume you give me the moral rectitude to speak about Zuckerberg? You even speak about the ulsterman collective as your friends. Imaginary friends, perhaps? Or perhaps worse, your delusional desire to be somehow associated with such a fantastic blogospheric success as the ulsterman report...

I say these questions rhetorically as we both know the answers. Your hatred for ulsterman borders on the obsessive and it has obviously affected your judgment about making informed statements. No need to reply, you have given me what I need to know.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

It is so enjoyable to meet someone so totally conned that the possibility that it is a hoax must be suppressed. You know nothing of those behind the 'Whitehouse Insider'; I do. You don't even know that the subsite is published by the same people who publish Triond. You don't begin to comprehend how it began.

I would suggest you go on Triond and do your research into the very early articles that are still there. This should, perhaps, allow a little day light into your darkness.

On Triond, the first few articles gained MILLIONS of hits. This is not an exaggeration, this is fact. The Johnny Depp article gained 2 Million Hits and has been totally overwhelmed by "obama hesitated"

This is just to give you your 'proof' that it did gain more than 2 Million hits.

I don't mind your attacks, it's proves a point I have mentioned in other articles on how vehemently people 'defend' hoaxes.

HonestJohn 4 years ago

Round and round we go... Thank you for giving one single fact of information- however irrelevant it is to disproving ulsterman.

So, who publishes Triond? Who publishes There is nothing in the subsite (as you call it) that suggests anything about who publishes it. If you know who, then pray tell: who? You are the one obliged to do the research as it is you who raises the accusations. I don't know what country you hail from but around here we are innocent until proven guilty.

I equally find it enjoyable to discuss with someone so taken by the Obama mystique as to damn his detractors without even looking at the detractors' contents. And being a foreigner (British?) to boot- quite the busy body to take such notice in American politicking. I don't mind your attacks. I understand that the easiest way to discredit someone is to label them as fools.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

I don't live in Texas, I'm not a George Bush fan. I don't belong to the Tea Party. I do not have a NEED to prove the Ulsterman Report True so as to receive (pardon the expression) Intellectual (rather than gut) basis for being Anti-Obama.

I am not a 'foreigner' since I belong to the Country in which I live. The Internet is not in America.

When I saw your I.P. I knew where you were, knew your views on most topics.

You need to believe the Ulsterman Report is true. You need to believe that someone entrusted with so much information would be able to 'leak' it for four years without being caught. That there would be no investigation.

This alone ought provoke question and the fact that nothing published in the Ulsterman Reports has ever led to any inquiry.

It is a hoax.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

Rereading the Comments I must admit that I am astounded by the deliberate stupidity of Texans, like HonestJohn. Everyone who was in the Triond Forum knows the story of Mnofdictomy, for he posted it, numerous times. They know who makes up the Collective. This wasn't a secret.

Everyone knows where Triond is published and by whom, because it says so right there on the front page. Everyone knows that Stanza publishes both Triond and Ulsterman report.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago Author

Rereading the Comments I must admit that I am astounded by the deliberate stupidity of Texans, like HonestJohn. Everyone who was in the Triond Forum knows the story of Mnofdictomy, for he posted it, numerous times. They know who makes up the Collective. This wasn't a secret.

Everyone knows where Triond is published and by whom, because it says so right there on the front page. Everyone knows that Stanza publishes both Triond and Ulsterman report.

qeyler profile image

qeyler 16 months ago Author

It is now 2015; the Ulsterman Report, the White House Insider no longer are published. That it was a Hoax from the beginning is now known.

But oh, look at the remarks made 2/3 years ago.

Stupidity is infinite

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