The Ultimate Cure

Jay was his name, he had fallen from grace
without a warning, he was coming to face
the flipside of freedom, the chance to endure
a jailhouse consisting of little allure

morning had come, so early it was
his days they were closing, life not meant to last
with “lo and behold” they came to his cell
talking that nonsense of meals and farewell

of prayer and candor, of love and embrace
no longer it matters, his fate he must face
so long is the hallway, so short is the time
to get to the chambers where all things will rhyme

where minutes will feel like days without end
the nerves he must wear, so clear on his skin
farewell, say no more, a time to endure
this last ride to silence – the ultimate cure

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Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Inspired, for sure!

leni sands profile image

leni sands 6 years ago from UK

Truly inspired poem. Amost ode like. More poetry from you is required. Keep up the good work.

Fiction Factory profile image

Fiction Factory 6 years ago Author

Thanks for your comments. Poets are something Fiction Factory does not have. But with your encouragement, who knows? Inspiration might strike again...

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