The Ultimate Voicemail.

The Ultimate Voice Mail.

It came in a

strange black box,
that appeared

out of nowhere,
right next to
another box

I'd cherished
that sat on

my mantle
for so long,

since 1997.

Its unexplainable

presence piqued

my curiosity,
and so I opened

it carefully
a bit leery of

its contents.

Suddenly a warmth
overwhelmed me

as a voice
emitted from

within that said,

"I just wanted

you to know,
how much

I love you,

it's very nice here,
I am doing fine,

and I have

prepared a room
just for you the

next time we

are together."

Then I felt a

soft kiss on

my cheek,
as I closed

the lid, and sat

in shock
on the chair

behind me.

You see,

it was my

precious Mom
who was taken

so suddenly,
sending me a

message from beyond,
left lying next to
her cremated


It was the

voice mail.

When I

opened it again,
there was only silence,
much like what I'd endured
since death claimed her.

I wiped a tear,

and smiled
my heart relieved,

as I placed this

precious voice-box,
next to the ashes
of what was no more.



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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Floored me! Outrageously beautiful! Sublime! I'd ask for an encore but I don't see how this could be topped. Thanks

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