The Uprising


Tumultuous times

For exploitable minds

But for those that transcend

Need not to defend

The actions of the many

As we know we have plenty

Government spending

Countries lending

Fences that need mending

Sheep that need tending

We know you can’t last

Wearing that mask

Your cover is blown

Your identity shown

Life for us doesn’t change

As you scramble to rearrange

The poor stay poor

The rich get richer

Don’t knock at my door

I get the fucking picture

Don’t want to hear your lies

To your game we are wise

You cannot disguise

Your intent to deprive

There will be no reprise
You falsely think us unwise

The masses will eventually rise up

Refuse your constraints of distrust

Awaken to the dissent
Of the enevitable event

And when this once mighty government does fall

WE will be ready to rebuild the wall

“Do not wish for easy lives. . . . . Wish to be stronger men.”

John F. Kennedy

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Gawth 2 years ago from Millboro, Virginia


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