The Victem Of Mental Illness- A Poem

The Victem Of Mental Illness

A list of medications, I can't remember

Just to get by, just to survive

To sleep at night

Oh sweet lithium divine.

A constant numb feeling,

Not really me,

To prefer this tiredness

Over reality.

One day with out.

Wake up screaming.

Another night

Can't go with out dreaming.


Feel like I'm drowning

The voices are calling

I cannot go with out

I'm with drawing.

Breathe. Damn it. Breathe.

Ah the medicine's back in my system

Everything will be fine again.

A sigh of relief,

Hope that doesn't happen again.

Sweet lithium divine.

But you never help me forget do you?
It's still in my mind

But numbing is better, always better.

I hate playing this role,

Always the victim

And never hero.

Why I Wrote This Poem

I wrote this poem and I shared it here on hubpages for readers can know how its like to have a mental illness. And for those who do have one and have experiences like this then you know you are not alone. It's not easy. In fact for me it's a constant battle. There are the good days. There are the bad. Just know that people battle with symptoms of depression, hallucinations, flash backs, anxiety and many other side effects of mental illnesses every day as well as night.

There are ways to cope with our illnesses. My main way is to write as well as exercise. It doesn't always help but it's better than having nothing to do about it and just giving in each and every time. I hope with in this poem I've helped others see that it's not an easy but that we can win. We're in this together folks.

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lostwithinmyself 5 years ago

I felt every word. What a wonderful poem!!

Thank you for sharing!! x

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

I'm glad you liked it!

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