The Voyage.


The Voyage.


There is a river

 that meanders
through our souls,
that starts with such
clear and pristine beauty,
as we gasp our first breath
from the amniotic

fluids that flow,
It carries us

through our lives,
over rocky obstructions,
waterfalls, and impasses,
as we sail through the
mountains and

valleys of life.

Sadly it picks up
pollutants along the way,
whether they are self induced,
or simply products

of our environment,
and becomes a

clouded passageway,
tossing us through

what seems rapid,
as it reaches the end

 of our journey.

Then somewhere

just around the bend
that branches off

into nevermore,
and we meet a dark traveler,
who purifies our tributary,
as we are sucked into
a whirlpool of death.

The river runs

on without us,
the ripples we leave

mark our passing,
as new streams of consciousness
take up the course

we have abandoned.

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