The Walkers

Hats and joggers, glasses too

The walkers they number one and two

Along a river clear and clean

Many of them can be seen

Some with a dog or perhaps a stick

Lots walk slowly, others quick

Each has a purpose of their own

That brings them out from hearth and home

Lost in thought one may be

While another smiles for all to see

And as they walk along the track

Some look forward others back

For sights and sounds are all around

The sound of birds it does abound

I hope as you walked you enjoyed your day

And will return longer to stay

To rest upon seats scattered there

Where the river is most fair.

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Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

Loved this poem as I am an avid walker. I would be the one walking briskly, smiling at everyone and smelling the flowers or sitting on a bench when I stopped to rest or finished my walk.

Voted up, useful, beautiful and interesting.

Gypsy48 profile image

Gypsy48 5 years ago

Great poem. I had a good walk very early this morning. Saw a couple of deer. I rather walk outdoors than on a treadmill.

Sheila Kennedy profile image

Sheila Kennedy 5 years ago from Australia Author

I have written a number of poems sitting on a bench after a walk. This was one of them. I too much prefer the outdoors to a treadmill.

Thank you both.

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