The War Upon Darkness- Chaptire 2

Beep, beep beep.

What the-!?

Beep, beep beep.

"Beep you, ya stinking alarm clock!" I banged down hard on the alarm button. I had been up late last night and forgotten about school today. I heard my closet door open and Kurai stepped out, rubbing her eyes. She looked like she couldn't be older than thirteen.

"Mmmmm, what's that noise?" She mumbled, looking around the room. "Whoa! You have one of these?" Dashing to my clock, she picked it up and examined it.

"Uh, yeah. Pretty much every kid on the planet does."

"I don't, at least not that I know of." Up at 5:30 in the morning and she's already kinda hyper. I'm still half asleep. I sat on my bed, already exhausted.

"Okay, here's the deal. I have school today, and I don't think you'll stay in my closet when I leave. I don't want my family knowing about you, so you have to come with me." She sat on the floor like a little kitten.

"I'm listening."

"Good. We have to steal a uniform for you, and you have to wear it." I glanced at her back, trying to see her wings. They were gone. "W-where did your wings go?"

"In my back." Okay, this was getting weirder as time went on. I didn't even want to ask.

"Alright, umm, give me a few minutes to get ready." She nodded and I grabbed my uniform and stepped into the bathroom, shutting the door. I changed and brushed my teeth, then washed my face like a normal person, the only normal part of my abnormal day so far. When I came out, she was looking at my homework.

"You do algebra?" I was about to say something smart like, 'Whaaaaaa???', but decided against it.

"Yah. What about it?"

"Nothing, except you numbers look weird." Okayy then.

"Let's go." I grabbed some toast for us and ran out the door, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and grabbing her hand. When we got out of the house, I handed her the toast. "Here."

"Thank you." She took it graciously and ate it as we walked. I think we caused a crash on Second Street, but I didn't look back. If we hurried, sneaking her into school woulnd't be much of a challenge. When we got to the door, it was locked.

"Dang it! It's locked. We could try a window..." She walked to the door ad waved her hand near the lock. It clicked and she opened it.

"Where do we go?" She asked when we got inside, locking the door behind us.

"Down here. Follow me." We snuck around, then snuck around a bit more, until we found the extra uniforms room. I grabbed one off the rack and handed it to her, leaving the room. "Come out when you're ready."

"Okay." She came out a few minutes later and my breath caught in my throat. Dressed in a white blouse, pink blazer and plaid skirt, she looked absolutely... adorable. Wow. "Did I put this on right.?"

"Yeah, you did." I wondered what my firends would say when they saw me walking around with her. Truth be told, she looked a little young to be in my school, but no one would really care about that, right?



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