The War Upon Darkness- Chaptire 4

"Agh! You idiots! Don't you see what you've done?" I yelled at the people who were once my friends. I broke from the crowd to follow Kurai's path. I sprinted down the hallways and fell twice, but I got up and kept going. I felt responsible for her, like she was my sister...

I saw footprints where the grass had been trampled. I examined them, then determined that they were Kurai's. I turned to get up and tripped in something deep. I looked at it. Another set of footprints, four times the size of mine. I glanced around frantically. I found four others like it. Dang it, Kurai! You're letting them track you!

"Kurai!" I ran another quarter mile towards the lake, the direction that the tracks were headed. I stopped, seeing no other tracks. The four others veered off in different directions, then backtracked. Either she flew or slowed down a bit. Her tracks were light to begin with, but now they were completely invisible. "Kurai!" I yelled when I got near the lake. I heard something rustling in the grass near me. Those monsters...

"Gahh! Stay away from me!" Something hit me in the back, hard. But it wasn't Kurai.

"Hey! What's the idea?" I yelled, trying to force the mass off my back. It was light but apparently really strong. I saw Kurai seconds after she called my name. She stopped running when she was in front of me.

"Skye?" Her face was confused. I felt the weight settle uneasily.

"Kurai?" The weight shifted off my back and ran to Kurai. They hugged each other tightly.

"I thought you were dead! You fell so far..."

"No, I'm alive, Kurai. I was worried about you." Kurai was crying tears of relief, and I guess that Skye girl was, too.

"Oh, Mr. Jesse, I'm sorry." She ran over to me, attempting to help me up. "This is Skye, one of my friends that was there when we got attacked. The other was..." She stopped. The other girl walked up beside her.

"Maia." They both looked worried. Then Kurai's face lit up.

"Oh! Oh! Ooooh!"

"What?" The girl and I yelled at the same time.

"I talked to my Papa, and he's sending Trackers to take us home! You're coming too, Mr. Jesse!" I wasn't even going to ask how. "They'll be here at noon, at the lake."

"What? I'm going with you? What about my parents? What will we tell them?"

"My Papa will tell you later."

"Alright." The other girl walked up to Kurai and faced me. For the first time, I got a good look at her. She was slightly taller than Kurai, but just as skinny. She had mid-length blonde hair and bright blue-green eyes. Pretty, and she looked older than Kurai. A strange cawing sounded in the distance. The girl's faces lit up and they said, "Trackers!" simultaneously. Kurai grabbed my hand and we all raced for the lake, just in time to see armored avianoid humans land on the water. Whoa.

"Your Highness. We have come to retrieve you and your allies." One of them flew over to me and put me in this humiliating harness on his back. Kurai and Skye spread their wings in a flurry of black and white. Then we flew off.

Your Highness?


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