The War Upon Darkness - Chaptire 6

I followed Kurai and Skye out of the castle and into the massive courtyard. I attempted to walk without leaving my mouth open in awe, but I failed. The girls were whispering a few feet in front of me, so I tried eavesdropping.

"So do you want to take him to the bakery first?" Kurai implied, a smile playing across her face.

"Hmm. Maybe. But what about thatplace?" Skye gave a meaningful look to Kurai.

"Ahh! Yes! Let's take him to the other areas first, though. I don't think his race completely understands the concept of angel food cake." She laughed, a sound like Christmas bells. "Mr. Kurtis?"

"Ah... yes?" I jumped a few feet back and pretended to look at the strangely beautiful flowers in front of me.

"We have decided where to take you first. How would you like to see the special stones?"

"Uhh... What are they, exactly?" I followed as they took off in a speed-walk down the nearest cobblestone pathway. Er-not exactly cobblestone, I'm not exactly sure what is was, but it felt rustic and homey. After walking at their quick pace for about five minutes, we came into a small village, and they walked up to a quaint house. The sign hanging from the signpost above the door said Vestibulum Gemma. Not sure what to make of that, I walked inside. The second I opened the door, my head was hit with amazing bursts of colors, blues, reds, yellows, and colors that would look gross and disgusting pack in Prague. Shaking my head, I looked around the room and heard myself take a sharp breath. The sheer amazement I felt just then, nothing could ever match.

I was in the Gem Cutter's place.

I followed Skye's erratic hand motions to the back of the store. There, Kurai was talking to a man with a mustache. He was big and friendly-looking, like a father who worked hard and loved what he did. I gasped. Dad. I brought my mind back to the now a bit reluctantly. Everyone around me, the audience of three, was laughing at some joke I missed.

"A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kurtis. My name is Jonah Amicus." The man had a strong handshake.

"And you too, Mr. Amicus," I replied, smiling. "-I love your place."

"Ahahaha!" He laughed with his belly. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean. "Kurai, why don't you take this nice young man to look around for something that suits the eye?"

"Yes, Mr. Amicus." Kurai grabbed my hand and spun me around, leaving Skye in there with Jonah. She led me to the middle of a beauteous showroom, then spun me again to face her.

"Okay, so here's the deal, Mr. Jesse." She put a finger up. "You can choose one thing from Mr. Amicus' shop free of charge. Choose well, as there are many pieces, and only one you." She laughed. "Go on!"

"A-alright." I began my walk around, looking at the wonderful selection. Should I get a pendant? Gahh, I feel like a girl. I thought as I walked around. Men don't really wear bracelets or rings. Suddenly, I felt a ping at the back of my head, and turned around only to be struck with a brilliant flash of blue. Walking to the source, I pick up a necklace. It was an azure stone on a silver chain, cut like a wing.

"Whoa." I muttered, hearing footsteps behind me as the others walked up.

"Ahahaha!" Mr. Amicus laughed heartily. "Looks like a match made in Heaven!" Literally. Skye walked up and slipped it around my neck. I blushed at being in such close proximity with a girl.

"A perfect fit as always, Uncle." She nodded and turned to him.

"It is yours, my friend. Free of charge." Jonah bowed.

"T-t-thank you! Thank you!" I stuttered, in shock of such a gift, and the face that Mr. Amicus and Skye were related. He pulled forward and hugged me, then waved as we walked out the door to the shop. We began walking again, then stopped a few blocks later.

"Jesse?" Skye and Kurai turned around to face me.


"How would you like to try some angel food cake?"

"I would love to."


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