The War Upon Darkness - Chaptire 7

Kurai, Skye and I had strutted through the downtown streets of Heaven to our equivalent of a little hole-in-the-wall sweets shop and bakery. Kurai laughed some Latin with the locals that owned the restaurant, and boom, free angel food cake for the three of us. So now we were trotting around on the expertly laid cobblestone pathways around the city so I could see the sights.

"Go ahead, try it!" Kurai nudged me gently in the arm, some cake on her cheek. She wiped it off with the back of her hand. "It's the best thing in Heaven!" I chuckled and sank my teeth in to the cake, a little wary at first. Angel girls may be innocent and all, but they do love their pranks. I came to figure that out the hard way.

As it turns out, that cake literally was biting in to a slice of Heaven. The light vanilla notes and fluffy, porous and airy cake practically dissolved on your tongue as you bit in to it. Like a sponge a cloud would use to shower. Just don't read that when you're trying to eat it; it's not good to think about...that...

"Hmagurgaschmergendergen!" I exclaim, my mouth full of the yet-to-dissipate deliciousness. The dynamic duo stopped in their tracks, looking at each other with eyebrows raised. I swallowed hard, wondering if I'd just committed an irrevocable crime. "What?" I ask, a concerned expression plastered on my face.

"BWAHAHAHA!!!!" They both collapse- quite literally- in sporadic fits of girly giggling.

"What? What did I do?" Did I just get a death sentence in Heaven? That's a tad ironic. I'll have to ask Kurai about that later. She rolls to her knees and stands, wiping tears from her eyes.

"That was so funny! I've never heard anything like it!" Kurai responds to my thankful ears. Looks like it's not a death sentance.

Not yet, anyways.

A dove flew down and lighted on Skye's thin shoulder. She took a message from a capsule on its' back and opened the enscripted silk with gentle fingers.

"Kurai, your dad wants us to return to the castle as soon as angelically possible..." She looks at me warily. "-or in Jesse's case, as soon as humanly possible. I can call a guard if you want to fly back." My mind reeled at the thought of being awkwardly strapped to another angel.

"Eh, no thanks." I add a smile to my response for good effect. "I'll walk or something. How far's the castle?"

"Too far for you to run."

"I really would like to avoid flying..."

"Then take a motorcycle!"


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