The White Menance and The Emerald City

      The White Menace and the Emerald City by Valerie K.T.S. Read

Here in Seattle, Washington and those of us outside the city limits are happy to watch it rain again and wash away "The White Menace". This menace has been lying around us keeping all indoors and away from love ones during this festive season. I think this is the first time that I missed spending the holidays with my family. Don't get me wrong. I called them on Christmas and wished all "A Merry Christmas". I also said that I will try to come down soon, if I can still back out of my parking space, at my condo complex. I tried to back out, but to no avail. I made it half way, got stuck, and drove forward into my parking place. Oh, well, I will try in another few days. I am hoping before New Years Eve. I can travel and spend this time with friends in Downtown, Seattle. I promised for my New Year's resolution that I will never, complain about rain, again.

Those of you that read my last blog "Stiletto Heals and the Emerald City", probably laughed and remarked on how we live up here. I still wear my stiletto heals out, when I go out into the city with friends. We still sit down in the many coffee houses in the city and outside the city limits, sip our coffee, talk about movies, actors, our families, friends or work, politics, and the war in Iraq, or the lost war in Afghanistan. I think that what makes Seattle, so appealing, is our unique expression, on how we feel about, what is happening, all around us. You can see this in our films, music, art, and our local writers or journalists.

I still love to drive to the U-District and watch movies at the "Seven Gables" movie house, especially the independent movies, such as "War, Inc", which I went to see in June of this year. I have great respect for movies, and the dedication that is put into making a film that we are lucky to watch, being screened across, and a large movie screen. I don't know the many hours, that the directors, art direction, cinematographer, producers, actors, actresses, and supporting actors and supporting actresses, lighting, and set design, sound editing, and special effects, music score, costume, make-up, and hair, how they all work together, to make that magic happen, for us. I hope that the Golden Globes and Oscars premiere in 2009. I wish all the nominees, best of luck, and look forward to the movies in 2009.

I wish that all this snow that has covered every city in this country and ours, to melt away. I hope that all of you are able to travel, toward your destinations, safely. That you, were able, to spend the holidays, with friends, love ones, and family. So, before I get too much far away, from what I am saying, I wish you and yours, a safe Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year's Eve. I will look forward, to bringing in the new year of 2009, with friends, and family. I am excited for what 2009, will bring, for all us and this country.


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