The Wombaloo. Encouraging Friendship and Fostering Kindness.

The Wombaloo by Carla VanKoughnett
The Wombaloo by Carla VanKoughnett

Ever felt a bit odd?

All throughout elementary school I felt like I was struggling. Like the world was working against me, and there was nothing I could do to change the situation. Looking back on it now I've asked many people who knew me what they thought about me when I was a child. A common response I get to that question is that I was very quiet. Usually staring off into space, and not really running around or playing actively like other children around me. Personally I don't remember such solitude. When I think back on those days I remember constantly trying to make friends with people, and instead of accomplishing this I was treated like an outcast. I was picked on, beat up, called names, and treated like I had behavioral problems that needed fixing. I remember asking teachers for help, and instead of them talking with the parents of the children who basically tortured me they would treat me as if I could change it myself by acting differently. Truth of the matter is that I grew up recovering from a traumatic brain injury that occurred when I was 13 months old due to a car accident. It hindered me from communicating properly, remembering things like names and faces, and even included lengthy black outs. Even though I was struggling as a result of this it shouldn't of had such a huge effect on how others treated me during those years. This is what inspired me to write, The Wombaloo. Everyday children are born with or acquire disabilities, and special needs that effect their everyday lives. This can cause many disappointments, and troubles for these children as they grow up, and interact with others. The Wombaloo is about a monster who looks scary, but little to his choice he was born that way. Different from every other creature in the world, yet parts of him are the same. Through out the story he tries to make friends with other creatures. He travels from one habitat to another trying to accomplish this, but every creature he comes across runs away from him in fear, and treats him as the monster he looks to be. Every encounter he approaches with a calm, and friendly personality, and with nothing to his avail he grows weary, and dreary. It isn't until he becomes the monster that he finally makes a friend. Using his Wombaloo talents to overcome his difficulties, and in the end he wins the friendship of the smallest, most gentle creature he comes across. A tiny brown rabbit. My hopes with this story is to foster recognition, and respect for people who are different. People who may not even have any difficulties, but simply be of another culture. No matter what the problem those people may in fact end up being the nicest people you'll ever meet, and I hope that this story will help children to realize that.

What was your greatest struggle as a child?

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carlavk profile image

carlavk 5 years ago from BC, Canada Author

Well I think everyone is beautiful just the way they are :)Loopy, and odd is no reason to be treated differently as those differences are what makes you, you :)

bryteyedgemini profile image

bryteyedgemini 5 years ago from Oklahoma

I always feel more than a bit odd...I feel down right loopy and out of place all the time

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