The World's Biggest Snowman (almost)

True Story by Lowell Lewis

I stepped outside and blinked while shielding my eyes with a gloved hand as the sun reflected blindingly off of the snow. I stomped through the knee-deep snow, pausing occasionally to look back at the huge imprints my boots made with each step.

My feet were already starting to get cold and I wondered if two pairs of socks were enough. A few years ago, when I was about four years old, I almost got frostbite on my toes--it really hurt bad--now I know to go inside if my feet get too cold.

I am going to build the world's biggest snowman! People will probably come from all over the world to see it. I am sure the newspaper people will come out and take pictures--and they will want to interview me. I will be friendly to everyone--I will not allow success to go to my head. I will refuse any payment for the pictures. The snowman will be so big that it may never melt--it will probably still be here in the Summer time! We can have snowball fights in July if we dare take any snow from the World's Largest Snowman. The President might put armed guards by it to protect it from people who want to take a piece of the snow. You know, when I am famous, I will probably make a lot of money showing other people how to build snowmen...I hope mom and dad are ready for all of the attention.

I looked around for the best place to start. This snowman will probably use all of the snow in my yard--maybe all of the snow in the neighborhood!

"Hey!" my brother shouted at me as he stepped outside.


"I thought you were going to build a snowman."

"I am."

"Well quit stomping all over the yard!"

"I'm deciding where to start."

He shook his head. He is seven years older than I am and he thinks he knows everything. He likes girls (yuck!), so he can't be too smart.

"You're messing up the best p[laces to make a snowman," he called as he tugged on his gloves.

Just wait until he sees the huge snowman I am going to build--he won't try to boss me around after that, I bet.

"Hmph!" I huffed at him.

"Just stay there, I'll help you," he said.

"Help me?" Ha!" I grumbled to myself.

"What?" he asked.

"I don't need any help," I answer.

He bent down to lace up his snow boots and I couldn't resist--I scooped up a handful of snow and packed it into a great snowball. I closed one eye and stuck out my tongue while taking careful aim. The snow is too deep for me to do my pitcher's stance, so I have to just lob it at him.

Okay, Murphy's Law says that if something can go wrong it will--now, with that said, let me explain that as soon as that perfectly shaped snowball left my hand, for some reason, my mom opened the front door--no, the snowball didn't hit her--the snowball sailed right past her and hit our dog!

Our dog was a little chihuahua. Chihuahua's are a pretty nervous type of dog and you can imagine her surprise at getting plastered by a snowball! I heard her yelp and then I heard something shatter as she skedaddled out of there. And I do mean out! She charged out the front door and ran right off of the porch! I laughed out loud when she disappeared under the snow. Every few seconds her nose would pop up again and she would let out a yelp and disappear again, only to pop up again a few feet farther out into the yard.

"Get her!" mom said, pointing at the last place she had disappeared. I carefully headed for the place I thought she would pop up next, hoping I wouldn't step on her.

"Yelp!" she yelped very near me as her head popped up through the snow. I grabbed for her--and she bit my finger before sinking back down into the snow and disappearing again. Luckily, my gloves protected my fingers. I jammed my hands down under the snow, trying to catch her. She popped up right under my face and snapped at my nose before plopping back under again. I grabbed for her and got ahold of her leg. She spun around and clamped her little teeth onto my hand. She was growling when she went out of sight.

"Here. Let me get her," my brother said, reaching down into the snow.

"Go ahead, let her bite a chunk out of you," I said.

He found her and gently picked her up. She was calm and relaxed in his hand as he cradled her close to his chest and carried her back toward the house.

She bared her teeth at me as he walked past me. Like I said, him and girls--yuck!

Mom made me come inside to warm up. Of course I was in trouble for throwing the snowball into the house--

...and the snow melted before I got to build the World's Largest Snowman.

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Charity Ladybug profile image

Charity Ladybug 7 years ago

This is a great story. The kids loved it too!

Lowell's Notes profile image

Lowell's Notes 6 years ago Author

I love to hear Kyle laugh when you read this. :)

Kyle Kool profile image

Kyle Kool 4 years ago from Ponca City OK.

This story still cracks me up! :)

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