The Wretch

A poem I wrote during a hard time in my life.


Everyone that I ever really loved, deserted me. So now everyone that I love I desert.

Not physically, or even mentally, it's spiritual, spiritually I leave, with destruction I flirt.

Neglect, misdeeds, selfish ambition, all reasons, no excuses, nothing excused.

These are my decisions, my choices, it's my fault by myself I'm accused.

Through life I walk, past opportunity through success.

Onward toward destruction this is my quest.

Talents in excess, nothing lacking, everything I need is laid at my feet.

Any goal I imagine comes quickly, then is tossed promptly to the street.

Something pushes me, arises from within, a calling to be great, a giant among men.

Another pulls me gnaws at my gut, a feeling of worthlessness, back to reality again.

"O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?"

The words of the great apostle Paul, he understood how it felt to be a wretch.


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Steph 7 years ago

I like this, I feel this...

Jack West profile image

Jack West 7 years ago Author

thank you Steph

cynamans profile image

cynamans 5 years ago from Washington DC

Wow great poem. I love the emotions you express here. Voted up and awesome!

Best C

Jack West profile image

Jack West 5 years ago Author

Thank you cynamans coming from a great poet like you that means a lot to me.

Mandy 5 years ago

Really good poem!!

Jack West profile image

Jack West 5 years ago Author

thank you Mandy!

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