The Writer's Book of Wisdom

This great reference book is a must for every writer.
This great reference book is a must for every writer. | Source

What this book is about

"The Writer's Book of Wisdom" is a helpful reference book for every type of writer. This book is the well-known author and poet Steven Taylor Goldsberry. It is a unique book unlike any other writing reference book because this helpful book provides struggling writers with 101 rules that will help, you, the writer master and hone your craft.

No matter what type of writing you produce- poetry, fiction, plays, nonfiction, historical-fictionm essays, or reports-this book is a must for you.

What It Contains

How you as a writer shape those words and showcase them in a professional way is what this book is all about. "The Writer's Book of Wisdom" derives it's authority from the craft of storytelling, which, for the last three centuries, has been exercised by novelists and short story writers. It is twofold: first if you have mastered the skills needed to write a book, you can almost write just about anything! And, second, that no matter what type of writing genre you use, all writing is made of storytelling.

This book contains a wealth of information by providing the aspiring writer with inspiring quotes, here are just a few examples of my favorite quotes that are in the book as well:

"When you must sit, it should only be to play a musical instrument, to watch your children, to look out upon the fashioned expanse of your manual labors, to eat your meals, or to write." (on rule#15, Generating text)

-Baxter S. Marbury

"Inspiration? A hoax that poets have invented to give themselves importance." (on rule#4, True inspiration must be earned by writing).

-Jean Anouilh

how the book looks inside.
how the book looks inside. | Source

This book is a perfect reference book that will serve every writer as inspiration and also as a way to educate yourself about the rules of writing. This special book will not only give you inspirational quotes but also will give you useful tips on how to overcome mental roadblocks, infuse your language with greater energy. Steven Goldsberry does just that by providing you with 101 meaningful, concise, and proven methods to help you with everything from first-draft outline and plot development to the right word choice and correct sentence structure.

No matter how much your struggling in your writing, you will for sure use this book as a complete lifesaver.

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