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How I started

I love to write. Even in the sixth grade I was writing silly stores, songs, and started the great american novel about 10 times. When I was depressed I felt writing was a release for my soul, I poured out my dramatic heart into volumes of journals. Every thing from my lost boyfriend (about 15 of them).

I finally wrote a real novel this year, starting with NONOWRIMO (National November Writing Month) We had to write 50,000 words in 30 days, after i did that it seemed a shame not to finish the novel so again I did and it is in rewrites and I am writing my second one. When you least expect it life gives you a boost

Writing is therapeutic as well as fun. It is a great hobby, you can also make money with it. It keeps your mind clear and your life in order.
So I guess this is why I call it my hobby.

Writing is...

Writing is the representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols (known as a writing system). Writing may use abstract characters that represent phonetic elements of speech, as in Indo-European languages, or it may use simplified representations of objects or concepts, as in east-Asian and ancient Egyptian pictographic writing forms. However, it is distinguished from illustration, such as cave drawing and painting, and non-symbolic preservation of language via non-textual media, such as magnetic tape audio.
Writing is an extension of human language across time and space. Writing most likely began as a consequence of political expansion in ancient cultures, which needed reliable means for transmitting information, maintaining financial accounts, keeping historical records, and similar activities. Around the 4th millennium BC, the complexity of trade and administration outgrew the power of memory, and writing became a more dependable method of recording and presenting transactions in a permanent form (Robinson, 2003, p. 36). In both Mesoamerica and Ancient Egypt writing may have evolved through calendrics and a political necessity for recording historical and environmental events. Wikipedia

Stephen King says: If you want to be a writer you must do two things above all others:read a lot and write a lot. stephen king on writing.

One of the best book I use is Stephen Kings on tells you thorough about writing. It is funny informative and makes you want to write more. Stephen King may not be the best writer but he is certainly the most proflitic one.
Being a "real" writer begins with a belief. A belief in themselves to make others believe. A "real" writer makes the impossible imaginable to accomplish. The ability to dream lay in a "real" writer's heart. A "real" writer makes ideas come about, thoughts process and new ways of thinking develop. To create a thought or an idea that never existed occurs in every work of written literature. A "real" writer helps people develop, grow and learn more about themselves and others. A "real" writer helps people define life.

Without Notice:first page of my new Novel

The day that changes your life seldom comes with fanfare and neon lights. There isn't a foreword the night before telling you, that tomorrow will be different. No overture is played, the day just starts like any other day. It creeps in and is deceptively normal, with everything as it should be right up to the moment when nothing is ever the same again.

So start this day normal, comfortable without any notice at all that by the time it was over,nothing would ever be the same again.

This day started as normal as normal could be, Amber woke up and stretched laid back on the bed and preceded to give herself 50 reasons why she should not go to work today. She kept trying to talk herself into calling in, although she knew she wouldn't. She just needed to find a new job, because this one was driving her bonkers.

Amber was small, 5'4 to be exact, electrifying green eyes, dark brown hair, and a pixie nose. She was they type of women who never had a hair out of place, and dressed for the occasion. She was smart, having graduated Suma cum Laude from Stanford university, and working on her Masters from home on

She stretched and yawned, reached over and grabbed her cell phone before it went off again and disengaged it, still yawning she swung her size 5 feet over the edge of her 4 pillar bed she loved, and slid off sticking her feet into her sleepers, as she got out of bed.

She headed to the bathroom, smoothing her hair, and mumbling about the day. There was a little dressing room between the door of her room and the door of the bathroom that held two sinks, she stopped at the first sink using her left hand to flip the switch bathing the entire dressing in light from the six tound theatrical lights above the mirror,

After throwing cold water on her face, she went the rest of the way into the bathroom, took care of business, and went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.
Opening the front door picked up her paper and read it for a minute, then rushed upstairs to get dressed. She glanced at the clock as she ran out the door, hair flying behind her, and jumped into her red mustang.

She made it to work as always one minute to 8, and proceeded to get to her office, and plop In her chair with 30 seconds to spare.

As she was stowing her purse in her drawer and booting up her computer at the same time, the boss walked by her office door and waved, she glance at her Micky mouse watch and it was 8am exactly.

Could it have been a more Normal day?

For Alexander A tall good looking red haired young man on the other side of town, it was an equally normal day. His alarm had gone off, and he had jumped up out of bed, taken care of morning necessities and scurried off to work, Arriving as he always did precisely 5 minutes early. An ex Marine he had learned punctually the hard way. He had his computer booted and was already working on the engineering stats at 8 am.

Gina was already up. She was at the Star bucks having her usual good morning cup of chocolate mocha latte, and already posting on her face book page. Gina tossed her short blonde styled in a out of date page boy and laughed out loud at a post on her page, She was dressed in amid calf paisley skirt, boots and white blouse, all purchased from her favorite store, Target. she quickly typed in a smart answer before going on to other posts. She had about an hour before she had to be to work, she yawned a bit and adjusted herself so she could settle in for the next hour to write her blog, do her twitter and network with her other friends and business associates, The she would start working on her book.

Nathaniel was riding his skateboard down King Street. He was wearing his , carrying his backpack on his shoulder as he whizzed in and out of parked cars. Looking over his shoulder for pedestrians being care ful that none of the cars came flying out of the side streets. Nate was medium height, medium skin with what most people called "good Hair". this being because his mom was German and his dad was African American. He had lost his drivers license due to traffic tickets and was now reduced to getting around on his skateboard. Now he was headed to his new job at a Irish Pub, plant and of course he was going to be late. His boss had told him if he was late one more time, that was it. But his boss told him this every day. He knew one day would be one day to many and that would be the end.

And So, As I said before the day started normally.

Amber decided to go out for lunch, she had had a difficult morning, the computer had gone down, her boss was in a bad mood, and it seemed generally a bad day.

She headed out to the Kings Grill, known for it's lunch menu, and good burgers. She had not decided as yet which she was going to have. She left the college of Charleston and headed for St Phillips street, turning and dodging traffic she turn left on George street quickly walking the two blocks to King street and the Grill. The air was crisp the winds blowing off the cooper river 9 blocks away, she kept her head down and so when she ran into the red haired man it was her fault because she wasn't looking.

He was nice about it though, at first, but before she knew it he had grabbed her and pushed her into an alley just dodging a young man riding recklessly on his skateboard. Amber recovers quickly and looks angrily at Nate who has put out his foot, whipping the board around he pushed off hastily coming back to the scene of the incident.

"Hey, you all right?, " He asked anxiously I didn't mean, I just wasn't watching." He shaded his eyes from the sun "Really, Miss I am sorry, I wasn't looking%u2026."

" No, you weren't," Snapped Amber, She was just plain angry, and irrational although she knew it was an accident it had been such a horrible day she was out of control and so Nate was the one she lashed out at.

"look at what you did to my dress, I have to go back to work!

Gina, who had observed the entire incident from the Starbucks,
Came out with a paper cup of water and paper towels to try to remove the staining from the girls dark blue blouse, Nate was still trying to apologized. He understood why the lady was upset, all he could do was offer to pay for the cleaning but he realized by the look of her clothes it was going to be expensive. He hadn't made many tips this morning, and the afternoon would be equally as slow being mid week. Still, you have to pay your dues so, he opened his mouth to offer when another man came sprinting up the street , grabbed Alexander by the shoulder swung him around and began pumping his hand.

"ello mate," He made a fake laughed as he continued pumping his hand, a pleading but terrified look in his eyes,
"Looks like a bit of an accident here what?" Glad no ones was hurt. then turning on his heel trying to be causal, but every inch of his body was shaking he walked away waving to the astonished foursome.
"Take care, see you soon and he disappeared in the general direction of the alley trying to be cool and not break into a run.

The four were annoyed at the interruption Gina turned to go on cleaning Amber's blouse Nate and Alex were string down the alley way trying to figure out what that was all about when a split 30 seconds later shots rang out and the British lad fell flat not 10 feet away from them.

Everyone's reaction time is different, and at this time the realities weren't any different. The four of them stood in shock for a minute then all 4 grabbed their cells at one time, Gina realizing no one had really checked to see if the man was dead, she took it upon herself to go over and check, and was sorry she did. Blood was everywhere it had been obscured the darkness of the alley. Gina gingerly reached down and took his pulse. Nothing. She got up and scurried back to the others, dead she said flatly, dead as a door nail. She realized what she had said and recoiled in horror at her impertinence,. The others however didn't pay any attention.

The girls screamed, the guys looked around frantically for the shooter. They saw no one, and no vehicle seemed to speed away like they do on television. Nate knelt down to attend to the lad but he saw at once there was nothing they could do, Gina had automatically pulled her cell phone to call 911.

"What the heck was that about,? Sputtered Nate, He was shot dead in front of us! Is this a movie? Stuff like this doesn't happen in Charleston!"

"I feel as if I am in a episode of Law and Order, " exclaimed Amber

"What was this about?"

The only one silent was Alex, as he stood there looking into his hand, where the man while pumping his hand had left a note.
"help me please! And a phone number.

And at this point the lives of these 4 change, never to be the same and irrevocably intertwined.

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Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago

Awesome! Love what I have read thus far. Love your title, really love the first paragraph. Keep going. I am anxious to read more.


Its Angel profile image

Its Angel 6 years ago from Charleston, SC Author

Thank you! I so appreciate it! the funny thing is I threw it all away except for the first paragraph and have started over with a Charleston theme that is going much smoother. But thank you for reading this and commenting on this

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