The Young Blowhard Makes Good.


The young blowhard makes good.    

The young blow hard
was a dreamer
he fritted away his
days in school
dreaming of stardom
studying the stars
memorizing their best stuff
practicing in mirrors
reflecting on the vanities
while books gathered dust
and unmoved bookmarks
grew stiff in the jackets
that bound them
the roads offered to him
that led to the heavens
were unlimited
but he failed to see
with his head stuck

in the cumulus
of other's pasts
he saw only the future
in rainbow lights and
the present was ignored
he swore he would

change the world
he would be

the next one
to make change

for the whole country
offering the

hottest stuff
to bring sustenance

to the masses
and happy faces to all.


: )  : )  : )  : )  : )  : )


I saw him the other day
and realized he

had been half right
he was standing

in a golden light
and thru the graceful arches

came endless fans
driving in droves
hungry for his work
and he was making change

for the whole world
with over 1 billion copies sold
he made change for

a lot of them anyhow
he offered the hottest stuff
and it brought sustenance
to all who enjoyed his efforts
at 29 he was dishing out
happy meals and bringing joy
one toy at a time.....
and the dream

was but a tiny light
in the corner of

his uneducated eyes.


"Welcome to Mcdone-all, can you help "ME" Please????!!!"



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