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Here are some of the best surf sayings I have come across in my surfing career. Some surf sayings of which have really helped motivate me to improve my surfing.

1. “Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.”
Bodhi / Patrick Swayze (From the movie Point Break)

Never let fear take control of your life, if you have a drive and will to do something... go out and do it. It would help however if what you are trying to accomplish is a good idea, but for good measure let us say it is...

2. "There is nothing quite like the embrace of a breaking wave... it is just like getting a hug by mother nature herself." - Van Dorph

Extreme sports, such as surfing, is a great way to connect with the nature and the natural elements. There is nothing which can get you closer than snowboarding on a white, crispy mountain or riding a surfboard in super clean waves.

3. "Flocks of seagulls, mist of the ocean, nice waves, beautiful sunset, it's all about getting back on your board and doing it again and again."
Audra Bukauskas

Go do the things you like to do, because these are the things which you are most likely to succeed and prosper within. Do not let others rule your life or make the most important decisions in your life, you are what you are. If you are not happy in your current life situation, don't just accept it... change it for the better.

4. "There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush one experiences when surfing... and the best thing is there will always be another wave." - Nicole Scott

If you first don't succeed, do not be afraid to get back up and try again. Remember that a theorethical researcher trying to invent the impossible and failing will be deemed a mad man... whereas the same researcher succeeding at that will forever be known as a genius.

5. "Surfing is like therapy. I don't see a shrink, I see the waves." - Van Dorph

Surfing provides both physical and mental relief, there is nothing quite like the feeling of getting out of the water after an exhausing surf session.

6. "Sometimes when getting thrown around violently by the waves, I forget if I am playing with the waves... or if they are playing with me." - Van Dorph

Never underestimate the power of nature, and only challenge yourself to a level in which you feel confident to do so. Never get lured in to doing something which you do not feel comfortable with doing, trust your own instincts.

7. "A wave a day, keeps the diabetes at bay." - Van Dorph

Surfing is great exercise, and burns a great amount of calories while toning your muscles.

8. "There is nothing quite like a surf session to wash away a hard day's work." - Unknown

Go for a surf either before or after work, and you will quickly be reinvigorated with fresh energy and a beautiful mind.

9. "Riding a wave successfully is very much like getting picked up ever so gently in the palm of mother nature... for her to gently let you drift out of her hand like the sand in an hourglass." - Van Dorph

10. "Surfing expresses ... a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world." - MATT WARSHAW

So, these are some of the surf sayings and quotations I have swirling around in my mind when I am out surfing. If you like these quotes be sure to press the share button below or give a shout out in the comment section below. Would also appreciate some good quotes which you might have spinning around in that beautiful mind of yours.

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See you out there amongst the blue velvet rug! Stay super stoked about surfing and surf sayings my dear friends.

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Comments 3 comments

Thenicknick profile image

Thenicknick 4 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

experienced quote 2 a few times this weekend in Byron Bay, Aus. Clean right handers that go forever!

Resolver2009 profile image

Resolver2009 4 years ago from Bournemouth, UK / Oslo, Norway Author

Thenicknick: So so true, love that place and the chilled vibe it has.

RichieMogwai profile image

RichieMogwai 3 years ago from Vancouver

What a great collection of surf sayings. I will definitely keep coming back to your list. Thanks so much for sharing.

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