The dreams about to die

You have that look in your eye,

don't ask any questions,

I don't know why,

a look that seems to say it all,

words scratched crudely on the wall,

your face upturned toward the rain,

hide the secret of your pain,

words that really can't express,

the more you say,

I understand you less,

thoughts just tumble from your lips,

your head thrust back,

hands on your hips,

I hear the echoes of your screams,

ricochet in my dreams,

it's like your words are in a foreign tongue,

everything you say just seems so wrong,

somehow we cant talk at all,

massive gestures seem so small,

then I begin to realise,

your a figment of my imagination,

such sweet sweet lies,

it's like we're on a different plane,

unfamiliar yet the same,

now I know the reason why,

I laugh at you hysterically,

and then break down and cry,

your just a dream,

about to die.

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Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

Thankyou all, watch this space...........more to follow.

tamron profile image

tamron 5 years ago

Great Poem! Love the illustration of words in red that gave your poem an extra touch.

jamielynn2011 profile image

jamielynn2011 5 years ago

very nice

MiseryHinata profile image

MiseryHinata 5 years ago

This is beautifully haunting.

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