The hero who didn't know it


Ode to a great friend and a wonderful person

Today I learned that one of my long time hero's had passed away a day earlier. It's not often that one man's passing effects the life of another unless that man is a father , brother or son, but this man has been kind of a silent hero to me. So silent that not even he knew he was. I never told him. I have had such a respect for him. Even if he didn't know you he would make you feel like you were a long time friend. When Butch smiled at you, you would grin inside for the simple fact that he thought you were relevant enough to acknowledge. He was a true bike man. His love of motorcycles showed in his hands. So did his strong work ethics. This man knew how to take something as simple as a motorcycle frame and make art on two wheels. To see his eyes light up when he talked about bikes was an absolute joy. Job wise, he was a very hard worker who knew how to get the job done. It's strange how life is... More sad than strange I guess. Life can give you a great person who lift you up to be the best person that you can be and steal him away way too early. Maybe strange isn't the right word for life at this point. Life is a shade darker. I think life is unfair. When things like this happen to such a good person the words cruel and dismal come to mind to call life. Even though he couldn't fly and had no super powers he was still a super person and a hero to at least me. I just wish I could have told him. You will be missed my friend.

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drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

I like to think, mikielikie, that maybe Butch knows.

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 5 years ago from Texas Author

I would hope so too. Thanks drbj.

Fennelseed profile image

Fennelseed 5 years ago from Australia

There are some people who, no matter who you are, leave you feeling very special. These people are selfless and compassionate and always good to be around. I am so sorry that you have lost this person from your life. Butch and others like him leave the earth a much better place than they found it.

(Stunning flowers - are they passionfruit flowers?)

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Fennelseed. He was such an awesome person and I think that he has touched many live in and around our small town.The flower... I really don't know what it is. I took the picture on the side of the road. It was the only one. As I drove home from work I spotted from about 50 yards off the highway. I turned off on a dirt road near by and hunted it down for about 20 mins until I found it. It was well worth the wait. She is a beautiful thing isn't she. So blessed to find things that can be pretty from afar and even more beautiful once you get closer to them. Much like my friend and his heart. Such a beautiful person.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City

Beautifully written and appeals to my sense of admiration of my grand father, he was my silent hero and I also wish I could have told him prior to him passing many years ago.

I like your style of word delivery here, and it plays out almost like its a poem due to all the bold font, but is a true to life testimonial in actuality.

Thanks for sharing your experience @ Mikielikie, voted up for awesome, beautiful & interesting.

Oh & thanks for reading some of my hubs as well, your a cool dude indeed.

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks CloudExplorer. It's hard to say to someone that they mean so much when they are alive but even harder when they are gone. I think that I'm gonna tell all the people that are important in my life how I feel. Sad that I had lose a friend to realize that.

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

Your pictures were strikingly beautiful, and your beautiful words of gratitude were touching, deep down. We all need to try and express more...before...

Thank you for sharing your heart.

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 5 years ago from Texas Author

thanks frogyfish!

Jspot profile image

Jspot 5 years ago from Flames of water and love

Mikie, very touching. It seems ironic that the hero in our eyes is one who doesn't even realize it, yet the impact on our lives is like forming mountains. Beautiful and voted up. And in you the hero can live on. Blessed be

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 5 years ago from Texas Author

thanks for the comment Jspot. I wish that I would have never had to write this because that would mean that he would still be here.

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