The honest Wood cutter


Once there lived a wood-cutter on the bank of river. He was an honest man. He was kind to every one. One day he was cutting wood with his axe. Suddenly his axe fell into the river.  It went down. The wood-cutter ws sorry. He prayed to God. O God! Get my axe back to me.

The God stood before him. The woodcutter told him about his axe. He prayed to him to get him back the axe. The God went into the water. He came back with an axe made of gold in his hand. He asked the poor wood cutter is this your axe? He replied No God it is not mine.

The god went again into the water. This time he came up with an axe made of silver. He asked the man.  Is this you axe? The man replied Oh no this too is not mine. My axe is made of Iron. I want only my axe.

This time the god went in and came up with the iron axe. The wood cutter said in joy. Oh God! This is mine, please give this to me. The god said, you are an honest man. You speak the truth. You shall have allthe three axes. Be kind to all and be happy. He gave the wood cutter the three axes and went out of sight. The honest wood cutter was very happy.

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pooja 6 years ago

nice story

tivyasawhney 6 years ago

outsanding story

melanie grace b. pepito 6 years ago

this story is good because we learn something in this story................i love this..........:)

Rashmi 6 years ago

It is nice story. My son also likes this story too much.

len 5 years ago


ayesha 5 years ago

this is very very nice story i really love this

gaurav 5 years ago

good story

sonia 5 years ago

good story. also see

nezy 4 years ago

very nice..i a learned lesson from the story.

xyline trisha 4 years ago

good story

sferwq5tg4t5ggrt5 4 years ago

my bf loves this story !

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