The hubbers hideaway

The forum in verse


Some come here spoiling for a fight

and some just come to play.

Which camp do you fit in?

In the hubbers hideaway.


They ask the same old questions

With daily monotony.

Please someone tell them how to search,

In the hubbers hideaway.


Some are obsessed with money,

And want to find a way.

To make themselves their fortune.

In the hubbers hideaway.


Some like to boost their egos

So come and brag away.

And hope that you will pat their back

In the hubbers hideaway.


Some open up a fresh account

And then come out to say

What they don’t have the b**ls to say

With their true identity

They think that they can hide from us

In the hubbers hideaway.


No matter what I moan about

I still can’t stay away.

I’m starting to become obsessed

In the hubbers hideaway.


If you have a verse to add

Feel free to write away.

And add it to the comments.

In a hubbers hideaway.


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blondey profile image

blondey 5 years ago from Boston, MA

I often see people fight

in the hubber's hideaway

Or gloat like a goat

spreading their "knowledge" like oats

in the hubber's hideaway

I love to meet and not be discreet

to flirt and to be quirky

let's talk about sex baby

in the lover's , I mean clever's I mean hubber's hideaway

Cool poem to be sure. nice

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....well you make life worth living in our little hubbers hideaway - and it just goes to show you - like that old Disney tune - it really is a small world after all - when a communications network like this brings different people together from all over the planet !!!!

lyndre profile image

lyndre 5 years ago from Scotland Author

If in life we can,t have fun

We might as well fade away.

Thank you for your comments

In the hubbers hideaway.

mylife=adventure profile image

mylife=adventure 5 years ago from Wisconsin

I write to write

But people here to catch a bite

A way to fame to make a name

Only here at the Hubbers Hideaway

Great Post.

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 5 years ago from Bishop, Ca

Hubbers hideaway! What a concept.

Love it...and you!

Kim Lynn profile image

Kim Lynn 5 years ago

For now I pray,

May I stay

In the hubbers hideaway?

Enjoyed the game. Your poem rings true!



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