The importance of a penname

What is in a name?


I started writing hubs a few days ago, though I already had signed up a few weeks before. In retrospect I guess I needed the time to reflect upon what I had to offer to this community.

After I had started out reading and browsing articles, I decided this place really was for me too. As I had signed up and felt more and more confident I started on my first article and being a non native speaker of English, I was surprised by the feedback I got from writers who have been around longer than I have been.

Then I started wondering about my penname. While signing up, I did not give the matter much thought, other than checking whether it was still available. ‘Mouche’ is a nickname my father called me when I was a little girl. Later I learned it is the French word for fly and also a character in a novella by 19th century French writer Guy de Maupassant.

In my opinion, I am nothing like the 19th century literary character, when it comes to my writing.

Mostly, I feel like another kind of fly: the kind of fly that is to be found at the wall and not easily caught! Next time you catch a fly, it is highly likely you will find out that it stays put while observing, but when under attack, it just will fly away to a better spot …

At many occasions I act like the silently observing fly with multiple facet eyes. Some people would call me a critical philosopher, though that may sound like somebody who never agrees with others or never is satisfied with the result she wants to achieve.

No, I cannot entirely identify myself with that kind of fly on the wall …. When called a critical philosopher at times, I would like to think that my critique is destined to be of a more positive, encouraging nature.

That is exactly the way I want to operate while preparing, researching and writing my articles. For you to enjoy or to criticise and hopefully leaving me a comment.

The fly on the wall ...

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LABrashear profile image

LABrashear 5 years ago from My Perfect Place, USA

Thanks for sharing - I was curious about your name. As you move to become published, do you plan to keep your penname?

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