The inevitable happened

End of the affair...

.. And then it happened

Yes , finally the inevitable happened. No, the moon did not stop shining, the stars did not fade away either. In fact the flowers did not turn into blood drop as their dream shattered and ended not with a bang but with a whimper! Tunes of desire, songs of pain, melodies of melancholy and certainly the never ending trauma of separation troubled them. She was the weaver of words and he was the artist- the weaver of emotion! Still they were never meant to stay together and were destined to drift apart. The awkward pause between them torments her. The broken silence between then now exude disharmony and pains him.

She proposed to put an end however the ending was abrupt… They did not say good bye to each other, they flew away without a sigh! However, that was just the beginning of the saga as the never ending tale continued to bloom within the water and mud, rain drops and lighting.

New country, different lands, varied people and different kind of pain hemmed in their life. Restless and abandoned they felt without each other’s company. The days became long, soul less, melancholic and the night became scary full of dust, tears, owls and beetles. Still they lived. They survived. They craved for raindrops amidst dryness; they yearned for rainbow amidst lightlessness. They had different partners; they settled in different cities, they had dissimilar life.

Sketching was his passion and writing hers’. She began to scribble and he started to sketch. Each morning, every night, every day and every time he tries something to doodle. He tried the best to speak through his white and black color! They began to scribble; they began to create dance, tried to make clouds of friendly mist around them either through words or through the sketches. They tried to dance; tried to make love with their creation. Words began to fly from one land to another. Sketches travelled from one corner of the world to another and finally they collide in harmony. A book was written and the cover page was sketched by two different artists without endings made them reunite, re-visualize and re-identify those forgotten haze of desire…


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Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

Nice depiction of alienation and loneliness.

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