The loneliness of Love

 I sat before you

and I fell in love

a love so deep

so pure

that I couldnt say I Love you

I stood before you in fear

trembling with the anxious

thoughts of not having you

not possessing you

so I scream I love you

in my thoughts

so I won't scare you away

I lay down with you

in desire

screaming your name with passion


so that those words fill my mouth

and push I love you deep down inside

I walk away from you in regret

knowing that you are so very far away

that I will never have you

but feel a shadow of you

never the whole you

and I will forever be lonely

in love with you...


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bojanglesk8 profile image

bojanglesk8 6 years ago

Beautiful poem.

Katina 6 years ago

Wow. Very moving.

tjga294 6 years ago

Wow... That's right on!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

...this is just simply hallmark writing - writing that is so pure and raw and passionate - there is only one thing I can say - you are truly a creative anomaly - if anyone writes like this I have not seen them yet - until, of course - now!!!!

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