The power of memory........Verse

In this time of year I wander through time
these autumnal memories
these ghostly treasures

September is a favorite of mine like an
old friend or lover she surprises me in
occasional pleasures

So we will dance together for a time
along stone walls where ghostlike
apparitions show themselves

Like the old farmhouse gone now but
for scattering of stones where lovers
and children lived but for a time

Here and there a reminder a rusting iron wheel
an entrance into the wall of stone
for some passage

A scar upon an old oak tree was it
a heart with initials or a blaze from
an axe a property line ?

Just once in a while if I were to learn
the language of these voices I might
understand these ghostly cries

Like a child taking my hand to show
a hiding place or his sister to
show me the garden

And all of it gone now but for these spirits
who wish only to remind us
remember me ...for I was once here


always exploring profile image

always exploring 15 months ago from Southern Illinois

I get this feeling when I see an abandoned old farm house. Beautiful!

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 15 months ago Author

Ruby , I was thinking of your old hub at the old house in the woods even as I wrote this .......remember that one , the ghosts ? Thank you !

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