The sound of the stars

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Rena the Strange profile image

Rena the Strange 6 years ago

Beautiful poem. Well done.

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 6 years ago from the heart Author

Thank you for reading and for your kind comment!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Some lovely words and deep feelings & thoughts there, perhaps none more encapsulated than by these:

"The sounds of the stars whisper that the love of my life…is the sound in my heart.

Mirrored in the silent vastness of a velvet celestial backdrop."

Thank you for sharing such intimate feelings.

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 6 years ago from the heart Author

Nellieanna, thank you for reading and for your kind comments. This poem came about in a turning point in my life after my husband proposed to me. He is deaf and taught me more about listening than anyone I have ever known. Thank you, again!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

1. You are my hero as a writer and poet.

2. You make me feel calm

3. I wear two hearing aids.

4. I hear (and see) the stars too - I live at the lake and have seen several shooting stars over the years)

5. I absolutely love this green image of the little girl writing - perfect.

6. I have goose bumps right now!

7. Must go and walk my cat - Mister Gabriel - the one you see is Mister Gabriel and that's me = Brad Pitt!

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 6 years ago from the heart Author


Thank you for these lovely comments! It is funny that I don't really consider myself a poet. I just attempt to write my thoughts in what feels like a poetic style.

The lake sounds idyllic!

When I was doing my degree, for my science elective, I took astronomy. We did a lab where we went out on a hill and took photographs of the stars, constellations and nebulae, whatever else we fancied at the moment! I took a photograph of Saturn. When you do nighttime photography like this, the shutter has to remain open for 25 minutes to allow the light through. While I was holding the telescope and camer, and looking through the lens, a shooting star went through. I didn't think it would show up on the photograph but it did! I now have this picture of Saturn with a brilliant white streak trailing through. It was amazing!

Lovely photo of you both!

profile image

mikeq107 5 years ago

Ok, all I can say is WOW...Thank you :0)

Mike :0)

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 5 years ago from the heart Author

Thank you, Mike!

coconut concubine profile image

coconut concubine 4 years ago

I LOVE this. It's truly beautiful. Your words spoke directly to my heart. I love to look up at the nights sky also - it gives me clarity and helps me feel at peace.

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 4 years ago from the heart Author

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments, Coconut Concubine.

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