The strength of your love

Lost in love


Invisible touch

As each passing moment fades into air

Each breathe I take

I know somewhere you will be there

In some small gesture, a passing glance, a smile

Showing me you care

Giving me the solitude I need

To get through each stressful moment

Helping me feel freed

A smile appears quickly at the thought of you

The happiness you bring to me I must concede

Makes me feel warm like a blanket wraps me

Encouraging me to proceed

Grasping my heart with your ever loving tone

By my side you will always be

Into life's ventures I will not be alone

Even in your absence you are never far

Close my eyes for just a glimpse

In my mind there u are.

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LADYGIRL profile image

LADYGIRL 5 years ago

Knowing that he is in your heart and spirit. That was a very touching poem. Great Hub

aefrancisco profile image

aefrancisco 5 years ago from somewhere down the road

lovely ... you are indeed inlove ...

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