LOVE . What is it ?


What is it ? LOVE that is .....

How does it feel ?

Does it have it's own special destiny ?

Is it a lost mystery ?

That is seldom found .

Can it be touch or held ?

Will you let go of it ?

and ........Never

knew you had it at all .

How much does it cost ?

or is it free ?

Does it have worth ?

Is it something you fight for ? or

is it something you just surrender to ?

Is it a person , place ,

or thing ?

Is it a verb of action or not ?

or anything like that .

Can you step on it ?
Will you step over it ?

or do you walk around it ?

Does it get in your way ?

Or do you ,

yourself get in .... true Love's way ?

Does it have an ear and a heart that listens ?

When all else has fallen deaf to your cries ?

Does it smile at you ?

as you smile back .

And does it laugh with you ?

When you feel like crying .

Does it lift you up ?

when you can not stand alone .

Or when you stumble .

Does it hold you when you cry ?

Will it ever let go of you ?

when you say good-bye .

Is love alive in you ?

As it is in me .

Is it hot or is it cold ?

What is it's Destiny ?

Is it something new or something of old ?

Or is it something taught ?

Or is it something forever lost ?

Is it something sold or bought ?

Should I call it a Thing At All ?

Should it be labeled ?

Or should it be as it is ?

A true Mystery

to each it's own .

How and Why do we feel LOVE ?

And sometimes don't understand

it until it is gone .

Will it last short or will it last long ?

Who knows until we get there ........

Does it make you happy and beyond ?

Or does it make you hurt ?

Does it make you sing with Joy ?

Or when the song you can not hear

is gone .

You cry with some kind of ploy ?

Do you know you have it ?

When you really do.....

or is it something of a mystery ?

When it only leaves you .........

Is it something you found ?

Or is it something you lost ?

Does it make you hate ?

When you really want to Love .

What makes us feel this way ?

What is it ?

If it does this to you .


To you


For real I want to know !

Love . What is it ?

Please write something !

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graebear profile image

graebear 5 years ago Author

Just a thought that makes you think ....

Jspot profile image

Jspot 5 years ago from Flames of water and love

Love to me is everything and it is nothing. Love is pain love is light. Love is forever in ways I can't explain. If I even understood what it truly was I know I couldn't breathe without it. Maybe that is why it takes the time to grow deeper with it. Thank you for the question, I am sure my answer would change each day.

graebear profile image

graebear 5 years ago Author

So very true . In the depth of me and in you and in all of us this is one thing I know True Love will change us forever as long as it is True to the end . When you Love someone and someone Loves you , truly ,the meaning of Love changes daily as it grows.

graebear profile image

graebear 5 years ago Author

Thank You for your follow Jspot

sweetguide profile image

sweetguide 4 years ago from River side

Great One.Keep writing More like this

graebear profile image

graebear 4 years ago Author

Thank you for reading and I am glad you liked it

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