Poems Of My Youth - The Crystal Clear Man

He first arrived in the

Form of a man. Strong, secure,

Funny, loving and encouraging.

I saw right through him

For he was clear

Like a crystal figurine.

He sparkled as a newly cut

Diamond. Flawless in form and


He became to me all that

I need, for nothing I needed

was too much

For him to give.

His shape changed as my needs

Changed, leaving

My heart hopelessly dependent upon him.

He was far from perfect, that I knew;

But I cared not, for he cared for me.

Then one day he began to

Take shape and become things I did not desire.

Before my eyes his translucency glared at me

And I could not help but acknowledge him for

What he was.

Yet, I followed him still, for

I was in love; tossing aside all

my pride and dignity. For I was

hoping his original form would return.

Laugher is what was returned to me

As I waited for that change to take place,

And as I foolishly tried to manipulate him back.

He played with me, shifting at will, giving

Hints of what once was

Then returning to what he actually was,

Having no intention of following through.

Only after I reached the bottom of my despair

Did I realize my state.

I was in love with a man who

Tried to change his bad ways for me

In order to receive the happiness he

Thought I could give to him.

I was guilty too,

For deep within me I knew

He was unhappy, searching for happiness

That neither of us could be for each other.

That sort of happiness one must create

Within and for oneself.

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