The Painter's Dream- Chapter 5

"What vision?" Jessie cocked her head, obviously listening now.

"I saw this exact place, but in the future, like in our time. Except there was an earthquake and a tsunami. I saw the people, I heard the screams, I- I felt the wave and the shaking earth. It all happened so fast..." Jessie sighed and shook her head sadly, for some reason.

"Don't you remember? That happened months ago. It was all over the news." My hand flew to my mouth in shock and i felt like puking. This happened? I mean, I remember it now, but it had slipped my mind before. And all the bodies...

"Yah. We should go get ready now." I said, attempting to recover. Wow, I'm such a ditz. When I tried to stand, I fell backwards into the pond. Jessie laughed as I felt strong arms lift me out.

"Hey Su." My brother, Noah. He looked me over and said, "You're wet."

"Brilliant deduction, Watson." I glared at him and he smiled innocently and shrugged it off. I felt something big land on my cheek. I glanced up. The sky was nearly black, turning green. I felt raindrop. A gong started sounding really, really loudly.

"Hurricane." Jessie said. She is the biggest weather nerd you would ever meet in many lifetimes. "The clouds, the rain," She turned to me. "-we should leave, Su. It's rolling in fast, taking into account the wind speed, the forms of the clouds, and-" I zoned out. Pulling my paintbrush from my pocket, we ran to a wall. Quickly, we took water from the pond and began painting a picture of home, my bedroom, in the future. It sparkled for a moment, then we stepped through.

We landed on my bedroom floor. Susan, Noah, I'm home! Where are you?" I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My mom was home! She wasn't supposed to be home until 6! I glanced at my clock. Oh. It was 6:11 P.M.

"We're up here, mom!" I yelled back. She walked into my bedroom.

"What are you doing?" By this time, we had all stood up.

"Umm, I invited Jessie over to paint, and-" I looked at Noah. He understood my gaze and spoke.

"And I wanted to see it, so I came up here to look at it." He was a good liar, most of the time.

"Really? Noah, I don't recall you taking a liking in your sister's- or Jessie's- art." We all nodded eagerly, not wanting my mother to pry any farther.

"I've always thought she was good. Jessie, too." I felt my face go red. He'd never said that to me before! And he wasn't lying!

"Alright. Jessie, are you staying for dinner?" Mom turned to my best friend.

"I can call my mom and ask her." "Okay. You can use your cell phone. I'm making asian dumplings tonight, if you're interested." With that, she turned and walked downstairs. Jessie dialed her mom's phone number and began talking. She ended up staying the night. Mmmm, asian dumplings. What a perfect way to end an eventful day.


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