The Tooth Fairy - Varian and I Discover Her Hidden Agenda

Varian LeFaye


So swift on gossamer wings,

loved by all, as it is money she brings.

But why a tooth, what’s she really after?

Is she really pure or just serving a master?


Why would she pick teeth of all things?

Is it really canines and molars that make her heart sing?

As I wondered about this late last night,

I went to the noble dragon Varian to seek his keen insight.


Through ancient scrolls and musky books he searched,

nothing in the records. Her reputation was not besmirched.

Varian is wise and therefore not easily misled.

He too pondered the why of her vocation with dread,


“She’s not like a dentist, Vix, you see.

That calling is easy, it makes sense to me.

Dentist want to save teeth to make lives better.

She only takes what is past saving, but she’s not a debtor.”


“It’s a fair exchange, I suppose, my fine scaled friend.”

“Maybe so, Vix, but it brings me round again.

No other magical being does an exchange.

Examine all. You will see. Take in the range.


Most give generously and freely its true,

coming around at regular intervals then bidding adieu.

But this fairy of teeth comes only after pain.

She leaves coin for bone, but what is her gain?


Santa, Cupid, Saint Patrick and the Bunny too

all love the joy of giving. Everyone knows they do.

Can’t be the case with this fairy or she wouldn’t take the teeth.”

“Really Varian, even Santa Clause sometimes takes something to eat.”


“It's not the same, Vix. Think about what I say.

Santa eats. Then its gone, but the Tooth fairy takes what can stay.

A tooth lasts, child. It can forever stay that way.

If properly cared for and stored, it can point like a ray.


It will always carry the energy of the owner from whom it grew.

I think you may be on to something, you suspicious woman, you.

There is but one way to be sure for the scrolls are not telling.

If your up for solving this mystery, meet me at me lady’s dwelling.”


Just so you know, it’s a spy mission we will be on.

Recon information and then get gone.

We can see what she does with the teeth.

That will give us a clue to the motive beneath.”


“Oh Varian, you know I will be there,

to have you spying alone I would not dare.

This is all my fault sir, and I really do apologize.

I’ll never be able to quell the curiosity in my eyes.


I really did not mean to get you so wound up you realize,

its just my way to think aloud and theorize.

I come to you with my craziest ideas as I know you are bold.

You ponder, examine and research, on a lie you will never be sold.”


“Vix, there you go again. I love a mystery as much as you my friend.

You really shouldn’t worry about apologies you don’t need to send.

Just before dawn we shall see what we shall see.

I’m betting this mystery will cease to be.


But we must be careful dear, for it my ideas are right,

If we get caught spying, there’s gonna be a fight.”

“Silly dragon, what do you care? Are you telling me you can’t take a fairy?

She’s just a little lady, you know, all light and airy.”


“If I’m right Vix, its not the fairy we need to worry about.

It's someone much more dangerous that no one has ever been able to rout.”

“Varian, my friend, I’d like to laugh this off

but I’ve known you long enough to know better than to scoff.


So in a few hours I will meet you anew.

Together this puzzle we shall go through.”

“One more thing Vix, before you leave my child.

I know where you are going. Truly, have you gone wild?”


“Are you spying on me? I thought you were my friend.”

“I am dear girl, that’s why this I must begin,

as keeper of the scrolls it's my job to watch and oversee…

Part of that duty is to also watch over thee.”


“I’m a big girl, Varian. Who I see is my business alone.”

“Very true dear, but this one is dangerous. He could cut you to the bone.

I’m not gonna lecture you as it would do no good at all.

Remember though the pull of this lion’s call.


Something for which you know better than to fall.

A lion can eat you up my dear with no trouble at all.”

Laughing back to him Vix replied,

“So could you silly dragon… now rest, at dawn it's to the skys.”


A few hours later the two friends met.

Varian beat wings fiercely after Vix was finally set

upon the saddle fitted just for him.

Off they flew to finally begin


to solve the mystery of the tooth fairy.

The more they thought about her, the more she seemed scary.

“O.k. Varian, now that we are underway, no more holding out.

What did you mean when you said someone no one could ever rout?”


Over the roar of his beating wings Varian could hear just fine

to dragons mother nature had been truly kind.

“Lets just say I don’t think she works alone.

Think about the teeth and the same conclusion you will stumble on.”


“Fine, I’ll think while you fly.

Where exactly are we going big guy?”

“To Mother Nature’s office of course,

Are you sure you want to do this and have no remorse?”


“Of course I do my fine friend. Remember, I’m the one that came to you.”

“Yes, yes, I know, but you have a habit of getting into trouble. You know its true.”

“Well, o.k. fine, I see its pick on Vix time is it?

We can’t all be blessed with your handsome looks, strength and wit.”


“Save it girl. To quote you, I’m not buying.

You may as well tell the truth now that we are flying.”

“O.k. fine, we both know its true,

getting into trouble seems to be what I do.


It appears I have a knack for falling in

that which I should not even begin.

But you don’t have to rub it in ya big beast.

Play nice or I’ll tell your wife of your gambling and you will never get any peace!”


“Ack! You would not dare!

Vix, you had best have a care

or I will dump you in the lake,

better still find a volcano so you can bake!”


As his friend’s giggles came to his ears

he turned south as they were getting near

the place where they would turn to leave the mortal plane,

the place from which all magical beings originally came,


the office of the all powerful Mother Nature.

“Vix, be prepared. Your vision is about to blur.

A little trick from the boss all humans must incur

from finding their way here it does deter.”


“O.k. bud thanks for the warning.

Now it won’t be so alarming.”

“Here we go hold on tight!”

Through the vale of perceived reality Varian threw them with all his might.


While going through the vale Vix could no longer see.

She began to feel strange as if she would cease to be.

The icy fingers of fate seemed to be dragging her down.

She couldn’t tell direction. She was turned all around.


Just when she thought she could no longer stand it

Varian punched through to the other side like a fleeing bandit.

Breathing in great gulps of air

he spiraled down for an island with great care.


“We will take a moment and rest here.

You are so very quiet. Are you o.k. dear?”

As Varian landed, Vix was still shaken by the vale.

She took her time getting down looking weak and pale.


“You don’t look so good my girl.

Tell me your not gonna hurl!”

“Bite me, Varian. Really!

I think you should have warned me a little more clearly.


Your vision will become blurred dear is all you said.

Next time there’s a surprise, I’d like a little more warning of what’s ahead.”

Varian laughed and settled for a rest.

“Come, come, you might feel better if you sat. Be my guest.”


“Are you saying you did not feel it as I?”

“No Vix, not at all. But do explain it. Come on. Give it a try.”

“Hmmm, well, blurred vision is an understatement,

more like a total ocular abatement.


But that’s not the worst part you see,

the worst is feeling like you will no longer be.

It got so very cold deep in my heart.

I would have given anything for that feeling to depart.


It was like I no longer wanted to live,

like all my will just leaked through a sieve.”

“Oh my dear child, that is not good to hear.

We have no choice but to cross it again I fear.”


“It’s o.k. Don’t worry. Now that I’ve done it once

I know what to expect. Next time I won’t be a dunce.

I really wanted to ya know. Leave it all, just let go.

Next time I’m tying me to the saddle… with this ugly thing on my dress, icky bow.”


“I had no idea it was that bad.

But I should have as Mother Nature is far from mad.

One way or another she will keep the mortals out.

How is it that you did not give in the what the feelings were about?”


“I’m really not sure my friend.

I guess I just knew it wasn’t the end.

You see we began this adventure together us two.

There’s no way I’m gonna leave you alone with just you.


Now I have a question for you my mythical friend.

Why is Mother Nature’s office to be our end?

I know it has to do with her scariness the Tooth Fairy,

as opposed to what it is she does carry.”


Come, come Vix, you must see it by now.”

“Hmmm.. Let me think…I got it. To find her the problem is how?”

“Very good. Now finish it out.

Tell me what you think this is all about.”


“Well, we want to follow her to her final destination,

but where to pick up her trail would be the real revelation.

We have no way of knowing to which children she will go when,

so you think it’s at Mother Nature’s office we should begin.


That is where I get lost.

Why Mother Nature’s office at all costs?

There was a price to be paid you see,

and further Varian, it was paid by me!”


“Again I’m sorry. I really had no way to know

that on you in particular so hard it would go.

The generalities of the vale are always the same.

What tends to vary for mortals is the amount and type of psychic pain.


But I digress… Your logic is right, as far as it goes.

It must be Mother Nature’s office for she is the one who holds

every magical beings time card and file.

Total control has always been her style.


Ever since Santa was held hostage and imprisoned years ago,

now every magical being whether going to or froe

must clock in and clock out from their appointed rounds.

You would not believe how much resentment over this abounds.”


Laughing Vix replied “You mean to tell me by a time clock YOU abide?

If you are running late where do you hide?”

“Goodness no! Don’t be stupid.

It’s not like I’m Santa or Cupid.


It’s for those beings with appointed rounds at certain times.

You know, the famous ones in the ancient rhymes,

the ones who at predestined intervals come and go,

the ones all the small children know.


Creatures such as I are not bound to the tedium of punching a time card.

For me the job is to watch and be a 24 hour guard.

It's not like I really ever get any time off,

though there was last year when I had that cough.


But even I, as keeper of the scrolls,

am still regularly checked off on Mother Nature’s rolls.

I am bound to check in once a year.

If ever I failed to report she would have my head I fear.”


“I see. I must admit Varion I never knew

just how organized she has her crew.

It should come as no surprise though now that I think.”

“So true. Now we must be off after a drink.”


If we are going to get to the office in time to hide from sight,

I’m going to have to speed fly with all of my mite.”

“Then get your drink and lets be on our way.

This mystery I want to solve before day.”


Soon the two were flying high.

The dragon’s mite speeding them through the sky.

Each silently reflected over the goal ahead.

With luck, by sunup they would put the mystery to bed.


As Varian raced like the wind itself through the sky,

what Vix noticed in the distance she thought must be a lie,

a dazzling castle gleaming emerald green in the night.

It glowed so brightly it appeared made of ethereal crystal light.


“Wow! Varian, this is Mother Nature’s office, true?”

“Of course, that’s where we are headed. I told you.”

“I know but it's so beautiful and bright.

I can’t imagine what her house looks like.”


“Oh that, well it really is spectacular, I agree.

But as for her house, well, that’s in a tree.”

“A tree? Surely you jest Varion, you silly dragon.

You mean to say she lives in a place where squirrels run?


Why would she work in a place fit for a queen

and live in a place located within such normal green?”

“Ah but you see my dear, there is nothing normal about the Tree of Life”

“Hmmm yes, I do seem to remember you saying something about that tree to your wife.


How rude of me, I haven’t even asked. How is the fair Myrrion?

“Devoted, and off studying the prolonged storage of carrion.

Big game is my favorite food you know,

but its so hard to come by and so


she’s off to figure out how to perserve and keep

what man has accidentally killed so I can have meat.”

Varion flew a wide arc around the castle’s star dust keep.

Behind the back he and Vix did stealthily sneak


perching upon the most shadowed rampart

waiting for what they had wondered about from the start.

In silence so as not to give away their location.

waiting for the tooth fairy to return to the clock out station.


It was not long they had to stay

In the shadows hidden away.

For shortly after settling in

guess who arrived, her shift at an end.


Upon exiting the castle Varion let her get a long lead in the dark

then flew up high above the glittery trail left as her mark.

From such a distance above the fairy they would not be heard

though out of caution they dared not whisper much more than a word.


In the deafening quiet they flew on through the gloom.

With each beat of dragon wings it seemed to more loom

growing darker and colder with every inch gained.

The wind even started to sound as if pained.


Up ahead somewhere in the desolate space

was something yet darker in this ever spooky place.

The fairy continued to fly ever straight

aiming for what soon appeared to be a gate.


The gate itself was blacker than the dark.

It was obvious the dwelling within was her mark.

Varian hovered just above it as the fairy flew on

and soon into the strange place she had gone.


“Well Varian, what do we do now?

I don’t think we can follow her in somehow.”

“No Vix, I don’t think so either.

I guess we stay and watch until it becomes clearer.”


It did not take long before the next clue came

sending chills up our friends spines proving this was not a game.

Just in time to be sure to be out of site,

Varian rose in the dark with all of his mite.


For now going through the gate was the actual Grim Reaper, Death.

Vix and Varion both held their breath

until Death was safely inside.

Yet still they continued to hide.


Way up high where no one could hear or see

as they discussed what could this be.

“Why would the Tooth fairy be associating with death?

A fairy should not be with someone who leaves all bereft”.


“Have you given thought Vix, to the teeth?”

“Yes, and I think I know why she is with the one who brings grief.”

Do you wish to leave now my dear?

“No Varian, lets be sure they are aligned as I fear.”


In such contemplative silence they together stayed.

Their knowledge was not much longer delayed.

As soon the Fairy and the Reaper together departed

the dwelling. Holding hands like lovers they darted


out into the inky night side by side.

“Varian come. I think it’s time we ride

the wind back home now that we know her master.

Together we will figure out what they are after.”


The did not speak as they flew .

Even as again the vale they went through,

each to their own heavy thoughts

in deepest contemplation caught.


Upon arriving Varian did say,

“It’s just now past the break of day.

Looks like you got your wish.

Now what are your conclusions. Girl dish!”


“You already know Varian, and you were right.

Information was the purpose of our flight.

Find it we did and as you said the truth is in what she takes.

The energy in the teeth a marker makes.


If my guess is right, death uses each

as a pointer so he can reach

everyone at the appointed time,

the time of the death bell’s chime.”


“Yes, I knew you would reach the same conclusion as I.

The question now is what do we do?”

he said with a sigh.

“Nothing my friend. We let it be.

It is not for you to divulge, neither for me.”


“Vix. What are you saying? Have you lost your mind?

We can’t hide this from all of mankind!

This could be used to let people live!”

“Yes, but what about those with nothing left to give?


What about the people in pain,

those who of terrible evil are to blame,

the ones who just want release.

Do they not deserve some peace?”


“So you are saying we just keep this under wraps?

Don’t you think we should let someone else decide perhaps?”

“Who Varian? Who do you trust with such power?

Who can you be sure would not use it to tower


over humanity. To live without end.

To whom would this cursed knowledge you send?”

Varian hung his noble head knowing Vix was right.

The knowledge they gained held no delight.


“I know my friend. I feel it too.

What a let down we have been through.

To solve the mystery was our goal

but the weight of responsibility somehow stole


the happy we usually get

when we accomplish the task we set."

“Vix, perhaps in this knowledge is it’s own reward.”

“Who knows my dear scaled friend… Only the Lord.”


With grave hearts they parted ways

to see each other another day.

More tales would we see

just dear Varian and me.




Rhonda Enrayne


More epic fantasy writes by Vix

If you are anything like me, then you, too, love dragons. The books listed below are some of my faves about the noble creatures. They are not what I would call literary masterpieces, but rather, fun, enjoyable reads with lovable characters.

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 6 years ago

Well, what can I say. It has merit as a story that much is certain. You have a protagonist and an antagonist. Muse with the power you wield with your pen and your knack for great story telling and interweaves of well timed humor you have a real story here. It really reminds me of Harry Potter in a way. What a beautiful story of a Girl and her Dragon!!!! In awe... Your Great Friend--Matt. =:)

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Aww, thanks bunches Matt. It's very nice of you to read and I thank you for it.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Great musings Vix! Your mind is so sharp!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Awww :::blushing::: thanks bunches Micky. This one was alot of fun to write. Not a very popular character here on the Hub, but, Varian is my fave character of all the ones I have done.

Sa`ge profile image

Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

great story here, I love the way you weave in and out of things, you have a gift vix, truely a gift! I so enjoyed this one. ~aloha~

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Thank you so much Sa'ge. Your kind words were the first to greet me here this morn. You have gotten my day off to a great start! Thanks for dropping by.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

..epic and poetic vision which could only come from someone like you ...... because you write about subjects which most people can only begin to dream of .....

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo was an excellent movie by the way (the Swedish subtitled version) but I hear Hollywood is planning a remake - ugh!!!!!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Epigramman - Thank you! Your words give me added desire to write anew of Varian. He is my fave. character and it may sound odd, but I really love him and look forward to hearing what he has to say.

I gotta see this movie... the orginal. Thanks for the tip.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

....and talk about movies - ya gotta see LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008) - another Swedish film about a child vampire which is both exquisite and chilling - and one of the best vampire movies of all time - and yes Hollywood is coming out with a remake in October - ugh!!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

A child vampire movie? Don't think I have ever heard of such though of course there was the child in "An Interview w/ a Vampire" but of course she was only a side line character though very powerful.

I will def. have to see this movie you speak of!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

..... a good way to 'preview' such movies that I speak of is to go to YOU TUBE and type in their names ....... often you can see the entire movie through extracts ......

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Sweet! Will give that a try.

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