There are so many wars

Going on inside.

I don’t want to face them

But just can’t hide.

Memories and thoughts

Return to my mind

In them no happiness

At all can I find.

Oh the pain

They all seem to cause,

Why oh why

Can’t I build up walls?

We all have them.

the wars and fears.

That we must face

through sorrow and tears.

We want to run.

We want to hide.

We want to be

Washed away with the tide.

Look a little harder.

What do we see?

He is there still

just waiting to be.

Waiting for us

to give to Him it all.

He never really wants

to see us fall.

Hold Me In Your Arms

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Ryem profile image

Ryem 2 years ago from Maryland

This is beautiful, it's inspirational, I love it!

mdcgardner profile image

mdcgardner 2 years ago Author

Thank you.

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