There Are So Many Things

There are so many things
That we don’t know
They weren’t written
In a book long ago

There are so many things
We do when we’re alone
It’s the mark of a man
To be honest in his home

There are so many things
That we shouldn’t say
Because the words
Can ruin someone’s day

There are so many things
That we should do
Start by being honest
End by being true

There are so many things
That come back around
If you don’t believe
Then you’ll never be found

There are so many things
That can make us quit
But if you keep trying
You will feed your spirit

There are so many things
That we all do
Is it just me?
Or is it you too?

There are so many things
That I hope you let me see
And if you live in sin
Then it’s the same for me

There are so many things
That blocked the light
But an eclipse in space
Is not why we fight

There are so many things
That we cling to
But I let something happen
I forgot to hold onto you

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Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 3 years ago from TEXAS

What an honest and releasing poem - beautifully expressed.

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