There is nothing to prove

The treasure is in front of you, if you just stopped fearing the odds, stop fighting the magic that stares you in the eye.
Running for so long from love, it's time to stop and feel the blessing from heaven.

Fear is what you fear the most. Worrying so much that everything turns out right. Pleasures of life are in the intimate moments
reflecting the beauty you feel inside.
It's all an illusion when you trouble yourself focusing on all the wrong things that only stop you from enjoying the view.

Golden hearts stay for the journey
never backing out. Their hearts stay alive under the golden sunset that glistens for the rest of their lives.
There is no darkness in the brightest sunset that stares back at you.
Emotions will move slowly with the waves, awaken with the misty morning dew.

True love has nothing to prove
gently caressing the white sea foam
that swirls around with the magnificent earthquaking sound never disturbing the perfect view.

All rights reserved Hattiemattiemae Spiritweaver September 25, 2013


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