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Collection of Overheard Comments and Quotes

I was wandering around Barnes & Noble and found this book Things Drunk People Say edited by Kathleen Go. The book is just a hilarious collection of overheard comments from drunk people compiled with illustrations. My first thought is "why didn't I think of this?" because it is such a great idea. The suggested retail is $14.95 but you can find it on sale online.This book is obviously not kid-friendly but provides a good laugh and makes you start to think of things you have overhead people say while drinking. This was published this August 2009.

I did some searching on Kathleen Go and could not find any other published works. Things Drunk People Say appears to be off to a great start and becoming popular fast. At the official site below, you can also submit your eaves droppings online with your name and information.


"You're about as exciting as a duvet."

"Is she speaking Buddhism?"

More Eavesdropping

I have listed some additional related humor sites where you can find more overheard conversations. My favorite is where University of Georgia students can submit what they have heard around town and campus.

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