Thinking - Few Answers - Sunrise

I wrote this many years ago:

As I sit here alone,
I contemplate the whys and hows
but understanding never comes
And my silent questions are never answered
My utmost desires never fulfilled

The world is abundantly lonely
for one searching for that special something
that is there, but not within reach --
Perhaps not wanting to be obtained

And again I wonder how and why?
Situations are never satisfying.
As I think some more,
confusion’s ugliness strikes me rudely
in the face

So I’ll never know for what I am searching
but I’ll keep looking

I always say “there has to be more.”
What it is I don’t know.
Will I ever?

Directly I fall asleep
My thinking useless, my thoughts wasted --
and I wake in the morning
and outside my window the sun begins to
appear on the horizon

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