Thinking Thoughts


My thoughts, your thoughts, our thoughts,

Let's talk,

Let no one in you do not want,

They are mine, they are yours ,they are just that, our thoughts.

What they are a common fact we share,

full of mystery, shrouded in secret, not easy to read, never willing to share,

for fear of betrayal who knows,

for fear of the unknown does someone care.


My thoughts, your thoughts, our thoughts,

We all have them, young or old,

tucked and tightly locked away never released who knows,

hidden away safe and sound no one can read.


My thoughts, your thoughts, our thoughts,

a glimpse, a peek, a sneak allowed,

when safe to see or think aloud.

They live through eyes,

a smile on the face,

a touch of the hand,

a sprint in our step.


My thoughts, your thoughts, our thoughts,

they mould our being, they carve our words, they bind our souls,

they come alive by what we hear,

by what we see,

by what we feel.

They keep us safe, no need to share, no need to stress,

nobody knows our thoughts but us.

A prisoner of our thoughts we choose to be

The weight of what we know too great to bear.


My thoughts, your thoughts, our thoughts,

A warm loving thought we can share, not afraid to say, nor fear to tell.

A penny for our thoughts? Why not, when its safe and free for all to share.

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PK2010 profile image

PK2010 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Ruzica, thanks for stopping by to read my hub and giving it a vote up :-)

Ruzica profile image

Ruzica 5 years ago from Windsor, On, Canada

Interesting...enjoyed reading it. Voted up :-)

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