Thirty-First Of August

It was all in vain, no one could tell me where she’s gone.

I looked beneath the tree and searched the beach.

I asked the wind and pleaded with the rain.

I went to the shops and checked with the crowd.

It was all in vain, no one could tell me where she’s gone.

I still remember yesterday, how we flirted with each other.

I was in my swimmers, and she in hers.

I was made for the sun and the beach and she, for me.

We ran and sang and danced and laughed.

We were never tired.

We had the best time of our lives.

Then came the thirty-first of August, and summer’s gone.

The wind blew and the trees got thin.

Autumn greeted me with a cool “hello”.

I replied, “Hi, pal. You might just happen to come across Summer of my life.

Please let her know I miss her and our time together.

She’ll always be my girl.”

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Benson Yeung profile image

Benson Yeung 8 years ago from Hong Kong Author

Dear all,

if more than 10 of you share with me your comments on this piece, I'll share with you a picture of me in my swimmers. Well, may be I should not ...

ellena 8 years ago

nice, treasure the happiness and post your photo :)

Chan Kwan Hop 8 years ago

Dear Benson

If it were not offence in publisher, I would change my wallpaper to your photo

siyu2007 8 years ago

When reading it, I feel like reading a sweet memory recalling from a young boy about the summer just over. A nice piece of writing!!!

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