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The darkest death

In a dream an image appeared to me,
It accosted me and claimed to be of me,
It told me of a tale of earthly sorrows,
A life of lonesome wandering and woes,

A tear welled up in my eye,
He touched my cheek, how hard I began to cry,
I could not go on to live so condemned,
The angel hushed my sobs and held me to him,

He lowered his head to my ear,
With a word the clouds over head began to clear,
I could see hope in the existence foretold to me,
I knew the earthly pains would be temporary,

I was to walk alone on the planet,
Until death robbed my flesh of spirit,
Then in Heaven waiting by the Lords throne,
Would be the soul-mate I keep for my own,

He will have journeyed the globe at the same time,
His eyes never to meet on this plane with mine,
Although in our dreams we would meet,
And only there could he embrace me,

Pressing me firmly within his arms kissing my forehead,
With the icy cold lips of being straight from the dead,
His chest opening to swallow me into his one soul,
Intertwining in the dreamy world of temporary death as one,

When we wake from our slumber we are convince it is just a dream,
And for now his Earthly form will forget about me,
Until we meet again in the temporary Death of dreams.
Until the flesh is a long forgotten memory,
In heaven I will belong to him and him to me.

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Time2Spare profile image

Time2Spare 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

loved reading it...

Erin Boggs1 profile image

Erin Boggs1 4 years ago from Western Maryland Author

Thank you, I appreciate hearing feedback.

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